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Written by webco   

We have candidates standing for 4 of the 6 elections. A reminder only paid up members of the Society can vote!

Currently No-one has stood for WebCo or Norham Herald Editor, the nominations forms are below!

Norham Herald Editor (
Webcoordinator (

For now here are the elections:

President - Longy

Treasurer - Andy J

SR Guilds - Ian Begent-Cove

SR K&R - Col Deans, Matt Hook (Grogg) and Steve Wainwright.

The manifestos of all candidates and voting forms are provided on the links below

The Secretary (Alison Hall)will be the the returning officer for the President, Treasurer and SR Guilds elections, the voting form for all of those elections is Voting Form 2013.

The President (Nicky Branch) will be returning officer for the position of SR K&R, the voting form for that election is inventively called SR K&R Voting Form 2013.

Please do not send votes for the K&R election to The Secretary!.


Presidential Elections


Senior Referee Guilds


Senior Referee Knights & Religion

An announcment from the King
Written by webco   

Hear Ye, Hear Ye,

By Royal Proclamation hear ye this announcement by His Majesty King Robert the First.

Royal Announcement


For commentary on this announcement see your local town message board.


Long live the King!

Winterfest 2012
Written by webco   

The holy land has been chosen as the location for the next meeting of the Axirian senate

How long will the Tree of Life hold the Great White Lich?

Has Tholon gone too far?

What fate has befallen Ausremer?

Murder has been committed and The Gods have sent a warning!

What will the year of Crowa hold ?


Coming this November, the coolest event of Winter 2012: Winterfest 2012!  Featuring the fest début of new Campaign Co-Ordinator Nick Norton launching his epic two year arc don't miss this eagerly anticipated event.

Winterfest 2012 will be held at:


Fox Coverts Scout Campsite
Newbold Road
Kirkby Mallory
Leicestershire  LE9 7QG
OS Map Ref: SK 452 018

between the 2nd and the 4th of November 2012.  Please note the following:

  • Winterfest is a player/monster fest. You will be allocated a monster slot and will monster one battle on Sunday.
  • This is a camping only event! It may be cold but its nothing warm bedding won’t sort :)
  • There will be NO Banquet.
  • Please have your spellbooks, recipe books, prayer book, lammies and weapons for sign in.
  • Mini-Missions and events will replace the usual “play a mission/monster a mission” format. This will be a we need to go and do this, lets go and do it.

The cost is £20 and both forms and payments need to be sent in ASAP.

To download a form visit the downloads section here, for more information and Q&A with the fest organisers please visit our forums.

See you at the fest!




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