Out of Character Information:


We run missions on the 3rd Sunday of every  month, gathering at 10am, and           typically finishing the day at 5.


Bath Fools and Heroes runs within Shirehampton, Bristol. Which is easily accessible from the M5, and has a regular bus service from the centre (numbers 3 and 4). The postcode for the site is BS11 0UL.

The Ref Team

The  Branch is run by a handful of Volunteers:

  • LO and Trainee Ref Tim Chapman
  • Demon Ref Matt Hook
  • Trainee Ref Mark Colfer-Henderson

                      All requests for Information (IC or OC) should be directed to                           where Tim will ensure it gets to the        appropriate Ref.

The Bath Facebook Group is located here

In Character Information:

Aquae Sulis is a large Earldom, named after its principle City. Highly influenced by the Axirian Invasion of Ithron, its rulers and populace are very much Pro-Axir, and for the most part incredibly loyal subjects.

The City

Aquae Sulis is a sprawling metropolis, split in two by the River Afon. there are four principle gates leading out of the City, with smaller exits for those who know how to find them. The architecture is primarily in the Axirian style, especially the Nobles Quarter, which is dominated by the Old Imperial Palace, an old retreat for the Axirian Emperors, since turned into the administration capital of the region, as well as personal home of the Severus Family.

   The City boasts large holdings for each of the Guilds of Ithron, as well as a    Cathedral within which lie shrines to all seven gods of the Light Pantheon. As well as this there is a bustling trade quarter as well as housing for the denizens therein.

Militia and Local Forces

The Militia of Aquae Sulis are highly trained individuals, compared to the Militia of the Local Lords. Each man and Women is trained in a Guild, in a similar manner to      adventurers, but are sworn in service to the defence of the Earldom. It is not     uncommon to see these forces supported by Local Militia, or even the mighty Axirian Legionaires, of which there are a fair number garrisoned in the area.

Whilst the majority are members of the Scouts and Mercenaries, a small number are enlisted from more support oriented professions, such as Mages, Physicians and Alchemists, supplying the front line with what they need to hold their ground until the Adventurers can do what needs to be done.

The Militia of local nobility are less enthusiastic about the entire thing. They are more inclined to stand their post, do their shift and get back to the tavern and drink/gamble their boredom away.

The Wychwood

      The principal home of the Elves within the region, the Wychwood is vast,         encompasing a vast swathe of land to the east of the City. It borders the Foulspawn held Aquae Novus, as well as the area known as the Cairn Hills. Recently it has had issues with the Elven Supremacists the Del Narror as well as Abraxian ‘Knights’ The Crimson path. Unfortunately, many of those residing within the woods have lost their lives in a vicious attack by Dark Elves.

The Cairn Hills

Before the coming of the Empire, the Nobles of the region that would be known as Aquae Sulis were burried in this place. Vast burial mounds and Cairns erected to         house them and their wealth for the afterlife. In recent times however the     emergence of one of their number known as Bladud has shrouded the area in a foul Necromantic mist that chokes the land, and bends those lost within it to his Will.

The Minedeeps

    Most of the wealth of the Earldom comes from the mines of the Dwarves. Vast     networks of Holds and mine works snake through the rocky heart of this land. Chief amongst the Dwarf Clans is the Stoneshaper, of which the City Executioner High Father Grakan hails.

The Boglands

            Most of the land on the western edge of Outer Avonshire heading towards             Plymbury is Bogland. there are those that eke out a living here, in sparsley         populated villages. The natives are a hardy bunch, if a bit more rural than most, not quite trusting outsiders as far as they could throw them.