OC Information:

Runs Missions: Usually 1st Saturday of the month (but check with the branch Facebook group for confirmed dates)

Where: Mugdock Country Park, Craigallian Road, Nr Milngavie G62 8EL. We meet at the Stables Cafe in the Visitor’s Center for 10.30am

Liason Officer: Claire Main (

Referees: Leah Kurzepa, Chris Todd, Claire Main and Nick Young (Trainee)

IC Information:

Clydesdale is situated in the area surrounding the river Clyde and its estuaries. The main city is Barra, an up-and-coming City that promises to become a hub of art and culture in a somewhat uncivilised area with the newly built Clydesdale Academy. The area is very well known for its shipbuilding, with the city of Waterfoot a renowned ship-building town, with very tight links to Ethron, and the large Silver Catacombs mountain and mines leads travellers through the pass up towards Dunlirron.

Once ruled by warring clans the area eventually came under Earl Richard Kincaid. Under new rule, the area became prosperous for trade and shipbuilding, with the main city, Barra, being wealthy and artistic, as the Earl tried to bring it into civilisation and academia.  After his brutal murder, his daughter Maggie became Earl before falling under the sway of the Mithran Cult and executed for treason. With no heir, a council of the Baron’s was held and, with council from the adventurers that had served Clydesdale through the previous years of turmoil, Marcas McGowan was appointed Earl of Clydesdale.

More in depth information about the Clydesdale area can be found here