Tees Valley

Player’s Guide to the Tisa Valley

Out of character information

Tees Valley branch run our missions at Flatts Lane Country Park,  Middlesbrough. We run on the 4th Sunday of every month except August and December when we will run an adventure on a different weekend to avoid Summerfest and Christmas.


In Character information


Tisa Valley Map

The Tisa Valley and some of its surrounding area

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A Historical View

From the writings of Historian Karen Ikcle regarding the Tisa Valley:

The borders of the Valley stretch north as far as Durholme (Durham) and south as far as Thraesk (Thirsk) and White Bay (Whitby). 

The land now known as the Duchy of the Tisa Valley was until recently the border between the provinces of Berwickshire (Newcastle Branch) and Northholme (Hull Branch), the border being the River Tisa itself. The area was granted autonomy from those provinces by King Stephen in 1006 after Sir Richard Du Conyers and the adventuring community rid the area of a ravaging horde made up of Foulspawn and Undead that was sweeping its way across the valley. He was pronounced Duke Richard Du Conyers and the area was placed under his fiefdom.

As the former border, the two largest towns along the River Tisa, Stoctown (Stockton) and Middlesborne (Middlesbrough) have had constant rivalry and in some ways hatred between the people who lived and worked in each. A sense of one-upmanship between the two towns continues to this day.

Since the Axirian Invasion, most of the people in the area have been supporters of the Axirian Empire, they enjoyed more prosperity and less lawlessness when they were under occupation and many hark back to this invasion as being a Golden Age for the area. Indeed it is said that the North of the Country of Ithron was lost when a leader of the people of the Tisa Valley sided with the Empire. To this date no one fully knows the truth of this but given its enthusiastic support from the general populace, I would not be surprised if there was not some truth in it.


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Religion , Cathedrals and Shrines

The location of permanent shrines for each religion and associated information.

The Seven

Cathedral to the Seven – Durholme


The Mount of Grace, near Allertonshire.

The Mount of Grace marks the start of a famous pilgramage route leading across the hills and mountains to a place known as Sidhe’s Seat.


Thorn Abbey near Stoctown
Wyldtown Rose Chapter House


The Catacombs of Stoctown


The Oak Tree near Darlingdale


Easby Abby near Richmontshire


Rainbow Palace Middlesborne Casino


The Hospice of Stoctown
Whitebay Abbey

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Library Research methods in the Tisa Valley

There are two libraries that are open to the public for research: Newtown Library and Durholme Academy.
Both of these Libraries have a price for using them.


Newtown prefers payment in coin. Its Mission statement:
Knowledge should be available to all who seek it and all knowledge should be preserved. The current prices reflect character actions that have taken place.

Some Guilds will be offered a discount rate for positive actions relating to the town and library, some will be charged extra.
The current prices for citizen races of Ithron are as follows with exceptions stated at the end:
• Alchemists (except Crowans) 2 Crowns a Week/ 5 Crowns a month
• Blacksmiths (except Crowans) 1 Crown a Week / 3 Crowns a month
• Mages (except Crowans) 1 Crown a Week/ 4 Crowns a month
• Physicians (except Crowans) 1 Crown a Week/ 4 Crowns a month
• Mercenaries (except Crowans) 1 Crown a Week/ 4 Crowns a month
• Scouts (except Crowans) 1 Crown a Week/ 4 Crowns a month
• Law (except Crowans) 1 Crown a Week/ 4 Crowns a month
• Townsfolk/none Guildscouncil represented Guilds (except Crowans) 1 Crown a Week/ 4 Crowns a month
• Order Knights (except Crowans) 1 Crown a Week/ 4 Crowns a month
• Feudal Knights (except Crowans) 1 Crown a Week/ 4 Crowns a month
• Priests (except Crowans) 2 pennies a week/ 8 Pennies a Month
• Devoted (except Crowans) 6 pennies a week/ 2 Crowns a Month

• Crowans: All Crowans will be charged an extra 2 Crowns with the exceptions of Griffins and Roses who have their own charges and durations

• Griffin Knights: 4 Crowns per day.
• Crowan Roses : The Library understands that Crowan Roses do not possess money and so will be required to perform two weeks of town labouring, for one week of access to the library.
• Other applications for library use – including non-citizens can be arranged on a case by case basis.
The sign says: Last updated Midcold MXV

Duholme Academy

Durholme Academy prefers written essays and submissions of lectures for its students. The Mission Statement of Duholme academy:
To increase the sum of all knowledge and the betterment of minds through study.
Access to the library is as follows:
Sign up as a Student for a trimester for access to general areas of the library. All students are expected to attend at least one lecture per month on any subject.
Submit an essay on any subject for access to general areas and the Fragile Archives. Essay submissions
Submit an essay and sign up and give a series of lectures (Send one semester’s worth of lecture titles and a content summary) to become a member of staff and gain access to all of the library, including the Fragile Archives and the Restricted Section for one trimester.

Guild and Church Libraries in the Valley

Each Legitimate Guild and Church has a library in the Tisa Valley.
They are located in different Towns and places across the area.
• The Current Locations of the Libraries are:
• Alchemists – Billings Holme and Wyldtown – you are expected to be a member of one of the Alchemist Merchant Houses to have access.
• Blacksmiths – Haver Town Hill (Outside of Stoctown) and Redcairne
• Mages – Middlesborne
• Law – Newby Whisk (outside of Allertonshire)
• Physicians – Hartness
• Mercenaries – Richmontshire
• Scouts – Raven Gill (outside of Stokesmarket)
Church Libraries are located near one of the main shrines of the area. (Note some gods like Vleybor have more than one major shrine in the Valley
• Sidhe – Mount Grace
• Tralda – Middlesborne
• Vleybor – Whitebay
• Kharack – Stoctown
• Rolbor – Easby
• Crowa – Thorn Abbey
• Longstor – Has a collection of information of sorts but it is in the Cleve.

Other known “Libraries”
The Stone Library – This is a dwarven archive of carvings that is run by Lorekeeper Gordeth Stonehammer. Currently no one (not even Dwarves) are allowed there unaccompanied, and Dwarves are only allowed there with permission and guidance from the Lorekeeper.

Carlin Howe and the Ravenslofthouse – This is not so much a library as a place where knowledge can be experienced. However you must have earned a “Library Ticket” on an adventure for service to the Carlin Howe and the research must be submitted for an uptime adventure. The Library is not somewhere one would go without a party to accompany you.

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The Nobles of the Valley

All of the major families in the area affect the name “Du” to show their importance and the importance of their families. Prominent families in recent Tisa Valley History all of which use this term:

  • Neville – lands on both sides of the River
  • Brus – lands on both sides of the River
  • Percy – Mostly south of the river to the East
  • Conyers – Darlingdale
  • Vanes – Lands to the west
  • Beliol – Lands to the west
  • Silvas – Taken over the Barony that belonged to Beliol
  • Armstrong – Lands to the North near Durholme
  • Howard – Lands to the south of the River
  • Bulmer – various smaller estates scattered across the Valley
  • Pilkington- Stoctown and the surrounding area.

The Du “Tisa” family has appeared relatively recently given their dominance over the trading along the River. They claim that the River is their section of the province. However no histories of their actual lineage have been unearthed. No one has though disputed any of their claims over the river nor their right to hold titles.

Prior to 1005 other noble families were prominent and held positions in the area. However when they fled the Grynar invasion of 1005 these families seized the opportunity to hold the higher positions in the Valley.

Throughout the Valley there are a number of minor noble houses – perhaps owning little more than a manor house and responsible for a small collection of villages. Most of these are vassal families to the Major more dominant named Families. Many of these minor nobles do not affect the term “Du”.

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Major Industries of the Valley

The Tisa Valley is known for its ores, alchemy, rope making, cheese making and sheep farming. The alternative name for the Tisa is the Steel River due to the amount of weapons and steel that come from the area and is floated down on boats along the river.

Alchemy is the major income of many of the richer merchant families so much so that it is dominated by five full companies of alchemists: Ithronian Chemical Investments, The family Du Pont, Hunter’s, Invista, and Dow

Another company was the “John Walker’s” whose founder invented the firemaker, but when their base in Stoctown was sacked they have never yet fully recovered.

Many of the none alchemical companies look to follow the success of the Alchemical company model but most are in a fledgling state. This leads to a currently unstable and highly competitive atmosphere in the valley as companies get swallowed up by their rivals. Only the fittest companies will survive.

Should a player wish to buy alchemy from an NPC, the ICI is the general company that sells to players.

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The major roads into and out of the valley are the First Axirian Road (A1) and the Axirian 19th Eboracombe to Newcroft (A19). The 66th Road intersects these two and heads east /west across the country starting at Redcairne.

Other than the river most of the imports and exports of the region leave by these roads.

Recently, smaller roads have had to be used more for transport because shipping along the coast and up the river has been disrupted. The River Traders the Du Surtisa family has gone missing.

Between Darlingdale and Stoctown lies a pulled rail track that transports goods to Darlingdale that have travelled to Stoctown from the coast at Redcairne.

The major ports in the Valley are Hartness and Redcairne. Goods from other Dukedoms and from other Countries are brought in here and where most exports leave. Whitebay is the third largest port but mainly deals with fishing and national rather than international trade.

Smuggling – Smuggling is rife in the south of the Valley closer to Whitebay. Whitebay is far enough away from all of the other towns in the Valley Area to make it difficult to watch all of the small villages and nomadic hamlets that can be found along the coast.

In 1017 A Transport Canal was completed linking the area of the Tisa Valley to Kirk Leigh

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Geography of the Tisa Valley

Outlining some of the major towns in the area.

Human Settlements:

Known None Human Settlements:

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Human Areas

Administrative centre of the Valley

Darlingdale – (Darlington)

Administrative centre of the Tisa Valley even though it is the smallest of the four major towns along the Tisa.

Ruling family: Conyers

Town leader: Duke Richard du Conyers.

Known aides and associates: Ranger Kathryn Neville, Mage Koombish (Sir Robert McCall of Hartdale used to be the liaison to the adventuring community but recent reports say he went mad and killed all his men while in the Konn. He is believed to be dead along with the men he butchered.)

Also in town is The Knitting Circle an unofficial group of women who organise day to day affairs of the town.

The town currently supports a large wall and numerous trenches and is constantly being further upgraded in terms of defence, much to the delight of its residents.

Prior to 1005 Darlingdale was considered to be the neutral arbiter between any border disputes. Sir Gordon William du Conyers Griffin Knight and Heir of Richard Conyers had taken over the role following the disappearance of his father in the Konn. However he was more a figure head for a united palatinate but had no real power and as such the power of the land was split between the districts of Berwickshire, Northholme and Kirklee as the nobles of the lands were too busy fighting each other to realise the real power was gone from them.

Shortly before the return of his family Sir Gordon was murdered by Orcs who specifically targeted his home and somehow had a key to enter the premises.

When the Horde and the Grynar devastated the two largest towns in the Valley Middlesborne and Stoctown many refugees fled to Darlingdale with a major shift in population.

Duke Richard du Conyers

Prior to his ascension to Duke, Sir Richard Conyers had been missing in the Konn for 20 years along with a group of men. Allegedly he went out to join the crusades to make up for some thing that he did and called his venture out to the Konnish wars the Atonement.

Word reached the Valley though that he was captured 10 years later and a ransom for his return was sent. Many of the nobles decided they liked the situation without the Arbiter and no ransom was forthcoming.

20 years since his journey to the Konn, Richard arrived back to these shores in secret, gauging the political situation by placing rumours of his return before the official announcement.  In the summer of 1005, while still remaining in a secret camp somewhere in the Valley, he engineered the rescue of Baron and High Father of Vleybor Eustace Pilkington of Stoctown and his daughter Bayene. Not long after Richard announced his return and his subsequent marriage to Bayene.

With his work against the Horde, he was granted ducal powers over the land of the Valley.

Since then he has brought better defences to the town of Darlingdale, hospitals, and money for the rebuilding of the towns of Stoctown and Darlingdale. This has all brought him great popularity with the general populace.  What the nobles who once left him in the Konn think of all of this, no one has asked them. Strangely though in uniting the area under one banner, the political influence of the once continually bickering nobles has increased as respect for nobility returned to the area.

Spouse: Bayene nee Pilkington

Children:  Sir Gordon William griffin knight (deceased), Elayne born 1007, Beatrix born 1012

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Locations of Note outside of Darlingdale:


Place where the legendary Sir John du Conyers, ancestor of Duke Richard du Conyers, won a battle against a dragon. This place seems to hold special reference to all of the Conyers family.

Oak Tree

Longstorian religious site. The shrine and sacred tree here was desecrated by Fenril and her followers, the Priest attending the shrine strung up and hanged by his own intestines.

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Cities of the Valley:

Durholme – (Durham)

Ruling family: Du Neville

Town Leader: To be designated.

Known Associates: du Armstrong Guard Sherriff (NPC)

This city suffered greatly under the Grynar in their hatred for the father god Sidhe. Many took refuge in the Cathedral to the Seven and the palace. These weathered the assault but the outskirts of the city did not fair anywhere near as well. The Grynar took the city but did not fully occupy it their battle with the highly fortified Palace and Cathedral occupying their time, leaving a place of dispossessed scavengers.

Although control of the town and its wilder outskirts have been regained and “normality” restored, the people there have not forgotten how they were left to fend for themselves.

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Other Towns:

Middlesborne – (Middlesbrough)

Ruling family: None

Town Leader: Mayor Raymond Mallon (ex guard).

A Traldan shrine is located within the town.

In 1005 this town fell to the Grynar invasion (also known as Golden Elves on account of a gold cast to their skin and yellow eyes) and many of the major buildings of this town were then used by the Golden Elves and any humans who had not gone underground were massacred.

When the Grynar left this plane, the Horde filled the gaps and took the town themselves.

When Sir Robert Blackstone defeated the Undead General Dufniall the Terrible and the two shamen Orc brothers who lead the Horde, the Horde itself crumbled without leadership and the town was taken back.

Many refugees from the town returned and started rebuilding.

Areas of Note outside of Middlesbourne


Central market for the farmers of the area, Dwarves and Halflings are also known to come down the hills of the Cleve to trade here too.

Near the Stokesmarket the Appleby Manor is known to be located.

An old abandoned Griffin Keep was discovered in the area and the deeds were been granted to the order to rebuild and repair it. It was repaired by Sir Jon Oak and Sir Jaime Lannister.

The Cleve – (The Cleveland Hills)

The Cleve is the large range of hills and mountains up to the moorland. Many none-humans live around this area. The Cleve stretches round from Whitebay, right up to Stokesmarket and around right down again to Threask.

Sidhe’s Seat – (Roseberry Topping)

According to local legend this strange mountain was the place that Sidhe sat while considering his judgement on his dark children. While this must be a fairly new legend placed on to the location, the place has always been a place of pilgrimage for Sidheans who needed a place of quiet to contemplate important decisions and has been known as Sidhe’s Seat.

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Stoctown – (Stockton-on-Tees)

Ruling Family: Pilkington/Conyers

Town Leader: Bayene du Conyers nee Pilkington

Technically the town belongs to the Pilkington family, but its current heir is Duchess Bayene Du Conyers nee Pilkington, wife of Richard du Conyers.  She holds the titles to this town in her own right separate to any titles brought to her by her husband’s rise to Dukedom. These Pilkingtons are related to the Pilkingtons of Sintel.

Known associates:

Aide – Veronica Dean, Regan and Carter – well known gate guards.

A Vleyborian shrine is located in the Vleyborian Hospital.

A Kharachian shrine is located in the Catacombs.

The town was originally noted for its ability to house and ran lavish parties for important guests when they came to the area for the hunting. This guest palace was a luxurious haven where it is rumoured that guests were waited on and got whatever they desired.

When Eustace Pilkington gained the Barony this changed and rumours say he sold off all of the silver and ran a hospital from the Palace. While the hospital part is certainly true. Many wondered where all of the money went for the hospital was never that well equipped.

In 1005 this town fell to the Horde of Undead and Foulspawn. Beneath the town however, through the catacombs, the ground is riddled with tunnels. No one knows the first purpose of these tunnels but over the years many different things have made their homes there, hidden secret meetings, found refuge, etc…

There are two named entrances to the Stoctown centre: The Oxenbridge and The Bridge of Victories.

Edgar Du Pilkington (deceased)

High Father of Vleybor

Bayene Du Conyers nee Pilkington

Daughter of Edgar Pilkington

Locations outside of Stoctown of note:

The railway

There is a caravan track pulled by hoses moving goods between Darlingdale and the River port of Clarence Port (just outside of Stoctown). The caravan train takes goods that cannot travel any further by river to the administrative centre of the Valley. The Thewles family are one of the major caravan owners along the tracks.

Havertown Forges

Along the River Tisa a large industry around the steel has been created. Building upon building in Havertown contains forges that work night and day working on smithed goods.

Billingsholme  – (Billingham)

Home of ICI (Ithronian Chemical Investments) Large Alchemical works complex.

ICI is now one of 5 major Alchemical groups (The family Du Pont, Hunter’s, Invista and Dow being the others), in the area and each of them encourage new alchemists to join. Many of them have alchemical laboratories near the mouth of the Tees.

Northtown – (Norton)

Many of the more prosperous alchemists have residences here or in the Vinyard Estates.

Hartdale – (Hartburn)

Royal Hunting grounds, Robert McCall’s father is a royal gamekeeper, before their lands were raided by the horde of foulspawn.

Recently the town was evacuated as the Green Grove became the location of a portal to the Lands of the dead and the throne seat of an undead Princeling known as Hellia. The Libraries and the undead of Raven’s LoftHouse have found themselves pulled to surround this portal.

Known NPC of area – The “Mad Prophet” Eddie Keeler various locations.

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Ruling Family – Pilkington

Town Leader – Baron Eustace Pilkington cousin to Edgar Pilkington

Eustace Pilkington after being Earl of Sintel for many years chose to retire and visit his cousins and nieces in the Tisa Valley. He has been granted the Barony of Wyngate, much to the annoyance of the Great FOUR local families.

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Hartness – (Hartlepool)

Ruling Family -Du Brus,

Town Leader: Baronet James Du Brus.

Known Associates:  Aide Minna Oswin.

There are three main ports in the area, White Bay in the south, Redcairne at the rivermouth and Hartness in the North.

Areas of note near Hartness:

Vineyard estates – (Wynyard)

Area of the New Money Rich, Trollball players, Alchemists, Merchants. The homes are ostentatious and at times gaudy, but who is going to argue with that amount of money.

The Middlemarsh – (Seal Sands and areas along the river)

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Yarum – (Yarm)

Ruling family: None

Town leader: To be designated

The furthest up the Tisa where the water is still Navigable. The Du Tisa family have trading houses here.

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Richmont – (Richmond)

Ruling family- Du Neville,

Town leader – Sir Sebastian du Neville

In 1007 the walled town of Richmont was laid siege to by a large Abraxian army based out of Catreath. Many of the small villages were either recruited or slaughtered in the Abraxian wave of terror. However the final push to break the town never came as many of the heretics fell in the Konnish disease that hit both the Dark and Light churches.

Areas of Note near Richmont –

Catreath – (Catterick Garrison)

Formerly an Axirian legionaire training ground – currently known to be occupied by Abraxian forces lead by suspected Primate of Abraxis Darien Ashoka. These were recently ravaged by the Konnish disease.

Easby – (Easby)

Location of a Rolborian Abbey one of the few places the Abraxians did not ravage on their way to Richmontshire though any who left the place were slaughtered.

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Aycliffe – (Aycliffe)

Ruling family – Du Vanes,

Town Leader – Recently Lady L. du Vanes as regent for her eldest son.

However it was discovered that Lady L, was actually the Heretic Defender of the Faith of Githas, Lilith of Humberton. Like Conyers though she was popular with the general populace for her generous gifts of money to rebuild the towns of Stoctown and Middlesbourne and of her creation of the Town names Newtown where many refugees from the Horde had taken up new homes. She left her children in the regency of Billy-Bob Jones, however since his turning to an abomination and subsequent defeat, it seems the abandoned children have all but been forgotten save for their greedy and ambitious uncle.

Lilith du Vanes

Married Fabian du Vanes in 1004

Discovered to be Lilith of Humberton known as the defender of the faith of Githas. Many were angry when the arrest warrant for Heresy was issued.

Children: Leo du Vanes, Sylvestra du Vanes.

Areas of Note near Aycliffe

Newtown – (Newton Aycliffe)

The town set up by Lilith for refugees from the towns of Darlingdale, Stoctown and Middlesbourne. It was designed to engender an over inflated sense of pride in the hope of creating Vanity in its residents. Their peace was destroyed by the Griffin Order and Lord Blackstone’s Heavy Skirmishers. Those that remain are now hostile to the Griffin Order for destroying their prosperity. One rule of the old Newtown remains: Any may use their library if they pay and for that day they are considered to be under a sworn peace.

Castle Raby

Ancestral home of the Du Vanes known to be surrounded by Githasian work camps and a Githasian Cathedral. Currently now the camps have been dealt with.

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Redcairne – Redcar

Ruling Family – Not yet designated

Town Leader – Not yet designated

Trading Port for the River Tisa

In an incident in 1003 the residents of Redcairne abandoned the town as it was over run with Trolls. For some reason they had chosen Redcairne for their “Leadership” contest. After the contest was over, the Trolls simply got up and left and its human residents returned.

Also here there is a large number of forges similar to those of Havertown.

Areas of note near Redcairne

Carlin Howe- (Carlin Howe)

A hill where a large group of religious kindred live who fight off the undead that are drawn to the area. They are respected and feared over the entire coastal villages.

Raven’s Lofthouse – (Loftus)

An area which contains a mysterious library of which only the Carlin Howe are gifted with fully understanding. Also seems to be a beacon that draws undead to it.

These Libraries have recently been pulled to the location of the portal in Hartdale and its librarians turned mostly into common wraithes.

Wyldtown – (Wilton)

(Halfway between Redcairne and Middlesbourne) A town of two halves. Site of a major alchemical accident, the local method of execution is incarceration into the walled off zone. The other half ignore the fact there is a great wall there and just moved their village slightly further south. The walled town is known to be the burial place of the Ancient Llaminusian Invader Chieftain Altor.

Used to be owned by the Bulmer family but now seems to have been sold to the Percy family.
It was then granted to Baronet Obediah Hakeswill for services to the Crown.

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Gisborough – (Guisbrough)

Ruling Family – Du Brus

Town Leader – Not yet designated

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White Bay – (Whitby)

Ruling Family – Not yet designated

Town Leader – Not yet designated

Famous for an incident with a vampire and a haunt

Areas of Note near Whitebay:

Skinner’s Grove – (Skinningrove)

It was recently discovered to be a location of a Krieganite Cult that encourages sacrifices to the sea and has a small core of cannibals in amongst the more “regular” inhabitants. It seems the isolation had allowed the town to come under Krieganite control.

Innsmouth – (Saltburn)

A few years ago the Rift Woods behind this town was the site of a crashed comet which turned out to be a small egg of a dragon like creature. The creature was set free in the Tisa Valley and its shell used to make up the sword that slew Dufniall.

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Helm’s Lee – (Helmsley)

Ruling Family – Du Howard

Town Leader – Not yet designated

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Threask – (Thirsk)

Ruling Family – Not yet designated

Town Leader – Not yet designated

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Known None Human Settlements

When Axir took control of the area many of the none human inhabitants were pushed to the outlying and less in habitable places of the area mostly to the Cleve. There may be other groups of non-humans that have had less contact with Ithronian society yet to be discovered.


Middlemarshes – Neutral Grey Elves. Many of these elves have taken themselves away from the conflicts of humans, gods and other elves, and see themselves as the arbiters and judges of all other elves.

The forests of The Cleve – It is rumoured that one of these tribes is lead by an ex-adventuring Longstorian Priest elf who is now a shape-shifting ancient Alshanti or Greater Werewolf.

(The Under Elves – live in an underground complex that can currently only be entered near by Stokesmarket)


Under the The Cleve. The dwarves do not let many into their mountains but they keep digging out their ores and trading them with others.

The dwarfs of the Cleve typically all live and work within a place called Khaz Angrhyn, which the local humans typically miss pronounce as Fort Angry.  Ots actually named for the red steel that forms the majority of their exports to human markets.

The main entrance is South West of Stokes Market, which is also where most of the trade with humans is done rather than in dwarven tunnels, although some of the high tunnels have had none dwarven visitors. It is unknown by humans how far the tunnels extend but  it is rumoured that they go all the way out beyond the coast and under the sea. The area immediately outside the main gate is a lush valley called Easeton by the hallfings that live and farm there, with the main gate known as Battlegate.  It is said that during the Axirian occupation these gates were sealed shut and not opened until the invaders had left. During this and other times of strife the halflings are welcomed into the hold for their own protection.

The dwarves are ruled by a council of clan leaders said to be made up of 9 prominent clans typically made up of the three most powerful clans within each of the three areas of the hold, High Hold, Low Hold and Sea Hold. One of the clans that have had the most dealings with the surface have been the Stone Splitter Clan producing a number of adventurers.


The foothills of the Cleve. The lower levels of the Cleve are their home where they trade their wares mostly with the dwarves of the Cleve.

Other Non-human settlements

Dark Elves – Many have been seen in the Great Forest (Hamsterly Forest) that sits on the border to the West of the Tisa Valley.

Boviroth – (Bovine headed humanoids) They live in a prison near the mines outside of Darlingdale.

Noted enemies of the Valley

General Dufniall the Terrible, Undead – Skeletal Warrior

Fenril, Alshanti

Lilith du Vanes, Human Heretic former Defender of the Faith of Githas. – arrested, found guilty and then released. She left letters to say she has left the area.

Hellia, Undead –Princeling of the Planes of the Dead.

Appleby, Undead – Mummy

Darien Ashoka – Human Heretic, suspected Primate of Abraxis

The Orc twins- Kogan and Olog: Orc Mages who lead the Horde of foulspawn.

Demon cult “The Eternal Damnation”.

House Swarm – demon house of insect like demons.

Sea monster – a creature of many tentacles that is disrupting shipping in the area.

The Grudge known as Gold.

Timeline of recent events:

Formerly split between the lands of Berwickshire (North of the River), Humberton and Eboracombe (South of the River).


  • The Alliance of the Undead and Foulspawn raging Horde.


  •  The Horde take Stoctown
  • Invasion of the Grynar – Captured the town of Middlesbourne.
  • The refuges from both head to Darlingdale and outlying places to the West.
  • The rise of Duke Conyers to power given success against the Horde and Grynar.
  • Baron Pilkington of Stoctown goes missing
  • Arrival of the Nipponese Envoy to Middlesbourne


  • Rebuilding of the towns given regeneration money from Lady du Vanes, the King and Duke Conyers
  • Relics from the Cathedral of Durholme are stolen
  • Fenril escapes
  • Lady du Vanes is arrested for Heresy
  • High Father of Vleybor Baron Pilkington found in Githasian workcamp but dies on the return to Stoctown. Duchess Bayene gains the second title of Baroness of Stoctown.


  • The Rise of Fenril
  • Appleby starts to cause trouble
  • The demon Swarm appears in the Tisa Valley wipe out various small villages
  • The portal to the Lands of the Dead are opened in Hartdale and an undead princeling steps out
  • Nipponese Embassy leaves
  • The recapture of Fenril


  • The Judgement of Fenril


  • Koombish Khan transforms the Valley temporarily manipulating the timelines of the land and cutting it off from the rest of Ithron. The Valley’s inhabitants do not remember any of these events.





  • The Uprising of the Nobles of the Tisa Valley. Manipulated by a demon known as the Whisperer some of the Valley inhabitants nobles and peasants alike fall under its sway causing rebellion and chaos


  • Destrian Keeler is convinced into summoning a fae entity to disrupt Trade along the River Tisa. Peg Powler, A Fae of unknown allegiance, threatens to flood all of the River and destroy all towns along its wake until her demands are met. She is convinced by the actions of adventurers to give a warning to allow the inhabitants a day’s warning to leave.
  • Dragonkin Pirates attack the coast just North of Hartness. Adventurers seek to disable the island sized boat on which a Dracolich may reside.
  • Undead Griffins have taken over the ruins of an old keep. A secret shame of the Griffin Order is resolved and the Undead are brought down.
  • Villagers are going missing and a Fae with too many teeth is suspected as being the source of their destruction. The Smiling Jack is hunted down, its face and pockets filled with the teeth of its vicrims.
  • A Cyclops under a Sereklanite Curse, releases a race known as Goals from beneath Fort Angrhyn.


  • A strange garden appears and people and undead flock to it as some sort of prize. Adventurers uncover an old curse of two lovers stuck in the enchanted garden as one of the women slowly becomes a Vampire, and the other can only watch on as a spirit separated from her dying body. Adventures save them both and bring the curse to an end.
  • Githasian Hulda responsible for reviving the cult of Githas in the area in response to tracking down a Priestess of their Church who they do not feel is worthy. The Harpies are hunted down.
  • An outlawed Noble family seems to be being harassed by a voiceless angry ghost. It urges them to continue their search for vengeance.


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