Weapons and armour need to be forged by skilled hands, and the Guild of Blacksmiths is always ready to oblige. Without these skilled artisans the Knights, Mercenaries and Scouts would be without vital armour repairs and equipment.

The Guild of Blacksmiths is closely allied with the Guilds of Mercenaries and Scouts. It is the Blacksmiths who provide the tools, consumables and facilities to enable both Guilds to repair their own armour. In exchange for these facilities the Mercenaries and Scouts guarantee to buy all their weapons and armour from the Blacksmiths.

Both Guilds have also negotiated discounts on the standard prices for members of sufficient rank (these discounts are set out in the Equipment List). NPC members of the Guild also work as lifelong retainers of the Knightly Orders.

The Guild is led by the Forgemaster who, along with the Undercouncil, appoints the Guild Protector.