The many wild areas of Ithron are full of hazards, both natural and supernatural. The best way to ensure survival is to be properly prepared, which means knowing where you’re going, what’s up ahead and how to deal with it.

Though permitted by law to carry and use any weapons or armour, Scouts tend to be lightly armoured, avoiding stand-up fights and preferring to check the pathways ahead so as to lead the adventuring party along a safer route. Speed and stealth are the main weapons of a Scout, though bows, spears and blades can be pretty
useful as well.

Scouts are sometimes accused of cowardice and criticised for working poorly with the rest of the group, however it is usually the Scout who is expected to risk his neck away from the safety of his friends and the physicians: a lack of security compensated for by the skills that Scouts are taught, such as tracking and signalling.

The Scouts are headed by the Pathfinder who, with the Undercouncil, appoints the Guild Enforcer.