The senior Knight (or the Sponsoring Knight if it is wished) leads the ceremony:

“Kneel, Errant______” The errant kneels. “Swear the Oath!”

The Errant Replies:

“I swear:

To protect the orphan, the widow, the poor,

Not to slay a vanquished defenceless foe,

Not to take part in false judgement or treason,

Not to withdraw if it can be helped,

Never to give evil counsel to a lady,

To help if possible a fellow being in distress.”
The Knight then takes his Sword, and places it on the Errants right shoulder. Whilst moving the sword across to the left shoulder then back touching them lightly saying:

”Then in the name of Sidhe and the Grey Order, I dub thee Sir_____, Arise Knight of the Grey Order!”


The ceremony can be added to.  For example, knightings by Sir Robin Adair included the Errant publically recounting his Quests as proof of his prowess.