OoC – The Communion was the background to Summerfest 2009.

The unprecedented and violent War in Elysium began in MVIII as a direct consequence of the Judgement of Bequifus. Gods are indeed Gods and when a few face demons or other horrors the fallout is terrible, but the war of Gods against each other in their native realm of Elysium was devastating, and as that plane contorts and cracks so does the rest.

The War itself was a dangerous game of the ultimate brinksmanship. Both sides are aware of the dangers and of the destruction they are wreaking, but neither side are prepared to give up in the face of the enemy. Only the Allfather remained aloof from the conflict hoping in his last gambit, the Communion.

The Communion was a failsafe, long ago prepared in case the imprisoned Dark Gods should escape Nya and make war on their brethren. By limiting all of the Gods in mortal frames and forcing them to meet in Arda where they can feel the vulnerability of mortality no matter how briefly, Sidhe hoped that they could be forced to accept a truce.

With the assassination of King Stephen Delisle of Ithron at the hands of the Tenebraeus, using the incredibly deadly “manbane” poison, allowed the rise of Alfred Mandeville, Archduke of Ithron, to prominence and he soon embarked on a campaign of disruption and destabilisation via the blue-sashed Congressional Guard, for Alfred Mandeville was actually Lord Tyron, a master Tenebraeus assassin.

It was soon discovered that in recent years almost every legitimate heir to the throne of Ithron had fell victim to a variety of accidents and assassinations no doubt engineered by the Tenebraeus, with the goal of endangering the holy isle of Ithron which would be the site of the Communion, and to attempt to engineer the ascension of Legatus Aria to the throne of Ithron.

The Communion was held at the Templar Keep in Labry, mere miles from Starfall Keep, a major fortification of the Black Order that had been conquered and corrupted by the Ashen Legion, and was the site for the return of Legatus Aria to this plane.

During the event of the Communion Archduke Mandeville was captured and confirmed as a Tenebraeus agent and the Elite Congressional Guard was identified as apocalyptic cultists. The subsequent rescue of Colonel du’Payens of the Congressional Guard allowed her to get the regular Congressional Guard to stand down.

Three pieces of the Pact were retrieved, from each of the three planes. The Ardan pact, itself separated into three pieces was rejoined. Unfortunately, the Nexus that allowed for this travel from plane to plane was subverted during an assault on Labry by Throquaz “the Devourer”, Disciple of Azalaz and head of the Varga-hai sect. This subversion allowed his mages to release Azalaz “the Greatest Killer” from the pocket plane where he had been bound by the Gods.

The Paragons for each of the Gods of Light were eventually selected

  • High Father Leo Drake, Paragon of Crowa
  • High Mother Integra Hellsing, Paragon of Kharach
  • Fearnley P Thistledown, Paragon of Longstor
  • High Mother Peni Baker-Ferris, Paragon of Rolbor
  • Edward Grayson, Paragon of Sidhe
  • Jack Snow, Paragon of Tralda
  • Dr. Peter Griffiths, Paragon of Vleybor

These holy people became suffused with the essence of their god during the Communion and successfully negotiated a cease of hostilities with the Dark Paragons. After the Communion was resolved, the Paragons became themselves once more and violence erupted as some of both Dark and Light Paragons attacked their fellows.

The items of Kingship where also recovered to prepare for the coronation of the selected candidate for King. The Ashen Legion arrived in an attempt to have her crowned as “Shadow Queen” of Ithron, binding the land to her which would allow her to corrupt much of it into Sourland. Fortunately, she and her Legion was successfully repulsed. Finally Lord Robert Blackstone, Head of the Griffin Order, was crowned King by consent of the remnants of the Ducal Congress, the Guildscouncil and the Council of Light.

It would seem that most who became Paragons would soon rejoin their God. One year later, only two of the Light God Paragons remained alive.