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100 Year Sanctuary

100 Year Sanctuary

It was in the year 505 that the temple to Rolbor was burned by members of the cult of the new dawn. With the burning of the temple came the loss of the associated library and the hundreds of years of information stored within.

High Father Henry Turton swore that he would never allow such a tragedy to occur again. He prayed to Rolbor and found his way. Over the next year he toiled alongside many acolytes and built a sacred library. The following year he travelled the length and breadth of the country collecting new tales, documents and unformation to place within his new store.

The Lord Rolbor looked down upon such resolve and dedication; and valuing the conservation of knowledge as he does, he blessed the library with protective magics and named it his sanctuary.

Under this protection the sanctuary opens every 100 years if unlocked by the three keys. Rolborians may walk freely through the vaults absorbing the knowledge as the lord would wish. Others too are free to find sanctuary and study for a while. However to take out of the libraries, the Lord asks for some token to be left in exchange, so that the knowledge stored within never wanes.