Religion Rolbor

A Vision of the God Mutilator

by Primate Molly Kingston-Simms

After 7 days and 7 nights of praying…
I awoke and found myself outside a huge hall that stretched onwards into the distance almost as far as the eye could see. Its huge golden arches surrounded a doorway that would allow the Titans themselves to enter, I pushed gently and the doors swung open with ease.

Ahead of me was a set of steps that rose to a platform that neared the roof and on that platform, I could see the edge of a mighty banqueting table. I could see food piled high upon the table and wine was flowing down the steps in a waterfall of shining liquid.

I began to ascend, knowing that my fate awaited me at the head of the table, my feet begin to feel tacky sticking in the red wine that flowed from the table. A thought crossed my mind, the Crystalis, perhaps Lord Rolbor would grant me with his most Holy boon. As I rose to the top of the platform a foul stench assaulted my senses, the food piled high was rotting, flies blew across it in such thick clouds that I could barely see the other side of the table. Suddenly my feeling of being at peace in the Halls of my Lord turned to anxiety as I knew this place was now truly unholy.

Figures sat in state at the far end of the table, a huge platter was sitting in front of the gargantuan form siting in state at its head. I passed a total of twelve figures all slumped, dead, their blood flowed from them as if every vein were tapped. At the tables head was a dark form and I knew the form of my own destruction, the dark form I knew to be the God Mutilator and the only way he could be here was if Lord Rolbor had abandoned his own halls.

I looked at the slumped figures once again, all were missing their right eyes and suddenly I began to recognise them, Madeline of Crowa, Fox of Tralda, the Defenders of every Faith including the dark gods.

The figure at the end of the table spoke, “WON’T YOU ACCEPT MY HOSPITALITY?” and lifted the lid from his platter, a roasted beast of some description sat atop of the silver platter, he broke off a leg and offered it to me, something fell from it and clattered to the floor and began to noisily clatter upon every step on its way down to the ground, it looked like the Crystalis and I realised this figure offered me part of my own Lord…

My right eye started welling up, I thought I was beginning to cry, but it was a red mist that began to fill my vision and pain began to shoot through my skull. I fell to my knees and looked up at another figure who now stood at the side of the Dark One, he wore purple and although I could not see him clearly I knew that he was a companion that once I trusted, in his hands he held a bowl.

The bowl was filled with eyes…the purple-clad figure asked, “My Lord, something to help you see more clearly?”

The figure waved his hand over the bowl, “LET ME SEE, THE EYES ARE THE WINDOWS OF THE SOUL, WHO PLANS MY DOWNFALL NOW?” and plucked an eye from the bowl. “NO I SHALL WAIT FOR MOLLYS…”

The pain became unbearable, I fell into unconsciousness looking at the figure of the betrayer, I knew him, I am sure of it.

I awoke in my chambers, shaking and afraid, and after a couple of days I prayed again for direction and I was simply answered… “The Mourning Prince comes and he can fulfill his wishes”

And then my Lord fell silent.