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A Perspective on the Day of the Communion

A Perspective on the Day of the Communion

It is hard to find suitable words to express this – none seem to hit the mark and doubtless ever will.

On the day before the Communion I was announced and anointed as our Paragon and from that moment I felt a difference, change. Free of perhaps some of the social inhibitions I had before – released from them and consequently had an increased eagerness to talk, to include and enjoy the company and celebrations around. That night I slept more peacefully than I ever have.

The day of the Communion – I cannot recall and truly describe the feelings and perspectives of that time but I will try my utmost. I felt as one, entirely infused with the essence and being of our Lord. I thought, perceived and spoke to those around in terms of ‘Peni Baker-Rolbor’ and ‘We’ as one.

‘We’ struggled almost to perceive mortal concerns. The passage of time and all around seemed so different. Every life before me seemed so fleeting and yet, at once, a force enduring. In hindsight the closest words I can find to describe such are: perceiving legacies. The knowledge, wisdom, example, impact we leave that continues to interact and effect others still. When they had been realised and used to the benefit of all. Where they had not and how such legacies maybe realised and bring benefit still. Our lives are so fleeting but our influence endures.

All and everybody around seemed so connected, potentially and actually, in more ways now than I can comprehend. Such connections, ‘lines of potential’, that run between us all. A profound sense of understanding what maybe achieved when such connections are formed and strengthened in concern of the next and all. The extent of the magnificent prosperity that maybe realised when we think not alone but as one in terms of these. When that potential had been realised, and not, and maybe realised still. The extent of this was wonderous indeed.

The events of the Communion itself I will not document here but when such passed I felt the presence of our Lord leave me – although a legacy of that time remains with me still it is but an echo , blessed indeed, compared to the magnitude of before. I have found myself unable to describe the feelings of the day in many ways, confusing many individuals indeed when I have tried. To look back at the words written above to offer my perspective on them now, however (please do contact me if at any point you have a question or wish to discuss any of this).

No individual stands alone. We all exist as a society, a community. Although the impact of our presence, decisions and actions are not always obvious to us they are present still. We live and exist so connected that in exclusion or disregard of the next, and our impact upon them, we are all affected. Selfish regard and focus, exclusion, serves not the prosperity of one or all.

Like a phenomenally complicated and interwoven net – sometimes the smallest snag, act of repair, pull, weakened or strengthened knot can have massive consequences. We each and all play an important part in achieving a truly bounteous catch that is there waiting to be realised. Every moment is an opportunity to realise this potential – not just immediately but as part of enduring legacy also. Every individual as part of the same.

Unity and inclusion
Diversity and acceptance
And much much more.

Praise be to Lord Rolbor!

For Faith,