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A report upon the destruction of the “Band of Greed” in the year 635.

A report upon the destruction of the “Band of Greed” in the year 635.

By Sergeant Fletcher, mercenary and scribe.

The recent actions against the bandit group known as the Band of Greed has seen the destruction of several small, but heavily armed encampments to the East of the City of Brisel.

Over the past year, the forces in Brisel, led by the Defender of the Faith of Rolbor, have isolated and destroyed several more of these groups, although the main group remains with the Bandit leader, Silas Geld, in an old abandoned fort near the Whitespar Mountains.

However, on the 12th Thawing 635, a Holy Day of Rolbor – The First Milk – the Defender of the Faith gathered the faithful of Rolbor and the Seven, as well as mercenaries, physicians, knights and even mages. This small army split into three groups and advanced towards the stronghold of the Band of Greed.

Despite being harried by patrols and warbands of heretics, the Crusade of Rolbor, as some have called it, gained the initiative and stormed the stronghold. During the action, the Defender of the Faith met the Bandit Leader, Silas Geld, and a mighty duel did ensue.

The Defender was protected by his Faith in Lord Rolbor, who had shower gifts upon his follower, whereas the heretic Geld was wearing, and had drunk the fruits of his thieving and banditry. It was an even fight, and as the day drew on, neither gained the upper hand until several heretics attempted to interrupt the duel. Before they were stopped, they had cruelly cut out the leg from the Defender. Seizing his chance, Geld ran forward, only to be gutted upon the Defender’s blade.

With this, many of the heretics fought with an unholy fury, and where destroyed. Some were captured, tried and convicted. They burn as a warning to those who would go against the Seven.

With this victory, the Defender of the Faith received praise, not only from the rulers of Brisel, with monies and gold which he gave to the poor, but from Rolbor – a mighty shield with which to protect his flock.

And so ended the Plague of Greed, which had swarmed across the lands of Avonshire for over a year. Thus ends the report from one who was there.

Sergeant Fletcher, Mercenary and Scribe.