Religion Rolbor



Every day we inevitably face them. They may be small and easily surmountable, like getting a loaf down from the highest shelf, to those that appear nigh on impossible to overcome. One of the greatest challenges we may face, however, is admitting and facing them in the first place.

I ask you all to consider, however, the teachings of Lord Rolbor in regard to knowledge and where, perhaps, the best source of it is often to be found. Is it where we have faced the mundane, the known and easily surmountable? Or the extraordinary, unknown and adverse? In our successes or failures? Through both, we gain an understanding of our limits but only through one the extent of them. Through both, we gain an understanding of strengths but only through one the true capacity of them.

What we face, of course, must always be considered wisely. Facing a challenge that is more reckless than worthwhile must not be faced solely for knowledge’s sake. If, however, wisdom does not weigh them as reckless then why not? We may overcome our fears, pride, laziness or so much more and stand to gain knowledge through our success or failure – superb!!

Where there is a challenge to be faced see not your fears and potential failings, but in the Light of Lord Rolbor the knowledge it may bring.

Where we have failed, dwell not in self-pity and regret of the past, but how we may use the knowledge gained from it to overcome the challenges of tomorrow.

Praise be to Lord Rolbor!

Peni Baker,
Mother devoted, supplicant priestess of Lord Rolbor.