Religion Rolbor

High Mother Niamh Halliwell

High Mother Niamh Halliwell

Father Garland

The Lord opened his sanctuary to me in 707. I had been given the three keys and when that door opened in front of me I had never been so astounded. That the Lord had been so generous as to open up this library of such knowledge to me, I could have stayed forever. I learnt such wonders that night. My Lord truly blessed me.

I am old now and I give to you this key. Keep it safe. It is your token to a greater place, a greater fountain of knowledge than any in this realm.

The other keys have been sent to other worthy scholars. Pass yours to an honest heir. Let them pass it on to their chosen heir in turn.

Reunite the three when next the call comes.

May Rolbor bless you and yours.

High Mother Niamh Halliwell