Crowa Religion

Lich in Berwickshire

Lich in Berwickshire

From the journal of Epona, Rose of Crowa

1. Its name should not be said as it summons its power to the speaker

2. It had disappeared but came back in the 6th month of 995. It had been belived gone in s.992 but he was released again by the party that retrieved the Scales of Sidhe. A demon called Yosseroth did ritual on a book and the lych reappeared. Sir Jhani foresaw this but judged the scales of sidhe of enough value to do this. the book given by a demon – the knowledge demon which according to Obediah had helped before [andthrax became lich due to treachery but was eventually destroyed by a scheme of eldritch happenstance, revenants of the original party helped.] why did the knowledge demon set this up?

3. It can cast magics at great distance.

4. It is served by a wraith who claims that his power is greater than that of the gods.

5. The lich tries to corrupt people to his service to do this he blocks all sense of the god and tries to persuade the victim to his service when he tried this with Blodeuwedd of Sidhe, she refused, she was magically forced to attack us.

6. A Guard named Arran was not so strong. He yielded, his heart burst out yet he stood up and attacked us, after he was taken down the lich appeared to force us to heal him. The guard then spoke of the power of the lich.

7. This lich can also strip the skin of a mans leg at a long distance. This requires more healing then a mere bandage.

8. It can cast illusions, can make a man belive that he has worms in his heart and make things appear in wounds, and make people appear to look strange. It made the symbol of my faith appear to bleed.

9. Whilst I was wounded he appeared before me and pulled out my heart and squeezed it before my eyes. This happened also to Vincent of Tralda. I also saw this image in the dream plane.

10. His name spoken on the wind as far afield as esca summoned by a minion in vicinity of a Longstorian shrine with a holy book. The minion was killed for its pains, wanted holy item – then lich tried to kill others – enchanted poisoned diseased sword. got the book. What was this book? Some relic of Longstor?

11. I went to lirron to prevent an undead army being raised and given to it. It needed the banner of the last legion of axir to destroy the white witch had been the clan leader – we succeeded.

12. He can prevent priests from casting magicks by choking them, this may be him or may be one of his wraiths.

13. A man named Tosca appears to have some information he comes up now and again, he supports the lich, ogre skeletons are his.

14. Gromit challenged the lich – it declined to fight and magically forced Gromit to set fire to the local shrine which was totally destroyed.- the fire was uncontrollable. Gromit given a quest to find knowledge of how to destroy the lich. Also rumoured that the lich was connected with the incident at the rolborian shrine where two men attempted to destroy the shrine, but were killed by H.F. Simon.

15. After attacks where book was gained, a man came and helped to heal. He remembered lich as power hungry man
 Would be found where lich was – no love
 Spoke of necessity to destroy – said no-one has seen full power
 Would recognise him + should not be named (deser. of tim, cloak, hood up) was _____from the lich – his powers are undead
 Said that he would be around when the lich was – he wishes that the lich should not have it all its own way.

16. There is a mission to mountain ebb territory tonight to recover the grimblade. If successful then this is the first step to destroying the lich. If not then chances are reduced as Mortex will die if she fails and only a priest of karach can recover this item.

17. Rituals done to deny power of land to lich. This suggested by the dragon. This seemed to work yet it angered him and his minions have destroyed the shrines of Newcroft. The undead could enter holy land – the Scales of Sidhe saved that temple, no other was spared. Hopefully he is now weak enough to be destroyed. Gromit was lost to the mission, these undead have influenced the area terribly since then.