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Pan, Father of the Fauns

Pan, Father of the Fauns

From Kirk Leigh Library

When the Green Lord Longstor was creating the forest and all his creatures, he made the Fauns. For many years they lived happily amongst the other creatures until the day came that man entered the woods.

When man came to the woods he hunted and killed the creatures for food. While the Fauns knew this to be necessary and in keeping with the cycle, they saw that man often took more than he needed, and he was indiscriminate with his bow.

The boldest of all the Fauns was Pan. He knelt before the Green Lord and spoke thus;

“My Lord of the Woodland, whilst life and death is part of the cycle and this we see daily in your blessings, surely success and failure are cyclical too. Now that man walks the forest, the balance must be addressed. Babes are left orphaned and the life of the forest spirals towards nothingness.”

Beautiful laughter filled the clearing as pure as the clearest moorland spring and the Lord Longstor spoke to Pan,

“Bravest of the Fauns, my sister says that even the truest shot can be swayed off course at her will. However, I see your concern is well-intended and true to the nature of you and your kin. As you rightly state in the cycle there must be both success and failure. When the hunt fails, the Fauns will be the guardians of the exhausted prey.”

It was then that Pan heard a new voice, one that he had never heard before. The Lord Rolbor spoke to him in a voice rich and powerful;

“Beloved son of my brother, you have a difficult but noble task. In my name, your homes will be a sanctuary to those that need it and your stores will never run short when you are called upon to help.”

Pan returned to the Fauns and told them of their new charges. From that day forward Pan was able to call upon the Lords Longstor and Rolbor when he played his pipes and call a protection upon those who needed it.