Crowa Religion

Prayers to Crowa

A Prayer to Crowa

Lady Crowa;
This Day,
Lend us your strength and passion;
To bring your light to these lands,
and right the wrongs that befall them;
But let us not forget,
Your mercy and compassion;
For those less fortunate or blessed as we;
Praise be to Crowa!

A Winter Prayer

Lady Crowa;
On these cold days and dark nights
Let our hands be warmed by the strength of your heart
Let our path be shown by the light of your grace
Let our minds be focused by the majesty of your voice
Your will be done this day in Arda
Let the beast and abomination fall to our blades
And the glory of The Seven pierce the night sky as stars on high
Praise be to Crowa!

An Open Prayer

My Lady,
Thy will be spread by I your loyal servant.
I pray for those in need, so that your strength and mercy may find them and cleanse their thoughts, actions and Souls.
For Sergeant Obadiah Hakeswill, may his soul be saved as his life was, by the compassion and understanding of others.
For Keeper Wesley Timpleton Smythe, may he find you in his thoughts to guide and temper his actions in the coming weeks.
For Sister Alina, may her trust be found to be well placed.
For Sister Foj, may her dealings be forgiven and her soul secured in the light of The Seven.
For I, your humble servant, may I impart your divine will upon the lands and redeem myself in your eyes.
My Faith in Crowa

A Prayer for the New Year

Lady Crowa
In this new year,
Allow us our thoughts.
For friends
For loved ones;
For those we have lost
For those we have yet to meet.

Allow us our past mistakes;
Let them pass as teachers,
Not hinder our paths,
Oor darken our day.

Allow us our passion renewed;
To free the oppressed,
To crush the tyrants,
To destroy the Beast,
To banish the Abomination.

But most of all,
Allow us the light of your Love;
So our hearts need never know darkness,
And our faith be everlasting.

Praise be to Crowa!

Prayer from Drawing 1009

We give our Praise

To Lady Vleybor, for the spark of Life
To Lord Longstor, for the gift of Nature
To Lord Rolbor, for Knowledge and Trade
To Lady Tralda, for Luck and Games
To Lord Sidhe, for Truth and Reason
To Lord Kharach, for the safety of our Souls

But to Lady Crowa we owe our Passion. Our strength and courage are hers, borrowed until Kharach claims our souls and Longstor casts us to the light of Vleybor once again.

What she gives, she give not lightly!
To misuse these gifts is to invite darkness and damnation.
To use these gifts wisely is to embrace the light ofthe Goddess of Battle!
We, her chosen accept her challenge!
The weak and innocent are our charge.
The Bully, The Beast, The Abomination are our Prey!
Praise by to Crowa!

Glory to the Seven!

A Sermon on the Ways of The Seven

Delivered Pre-Rod Placement on Bone Island, 28th Thawing

Truth. Honour. Bravery.
These are the ways of The Seven

Compassion. Heroism. Reason.
These are the gifts that they bring.

To show these traits is to honour their names.
To shirk them is to bring corruption of the Soul!

We will be in death as we are in Life.
Our Faith is Eternal,
Our Will unwavering,
Our Hearts Pure!

Praise be to Crowa!
Glory to the Seven!

A Sermon on the Threats to Ithron

Delivered Pre-Battle on Bone Island, 1st Springsdawn

Lady Crowa,

The Land is in Darkness
We will light it with your grace

The people are afraid
We will give them strength

The churches are embattled
We will give them hope

The adventurers are divided
We will give them unity

Through us, your holy warriors,
Arda will be free
From Tyranny
From Oppression
From Beasts
From Abominations

The land will bathe in the glory of the Seven!