Longstor Religion

Regarding the Mines

Regarding the Mines

By High Father Ellvar

I fell asleep whilst praying in the Grimsburg church tower and awoke with a start, as my right eye was hurting, As I shook the sleep from my eyes I saw a single drop of blood fall from the right one ….as it slowly descended towards the floor it grew and began to shine with an unholy light, I felt anger welling up within me as the blood continued its descent and then it struck the floor with a splash that resounded around the whole chamber.

It began to burn into the floor, red fire emanating from its centre, a hole burnt through the stone chamber floor, expanding as it hit the library below me, the novices scattered in shock and it continued through into the tower’s basement and still it burned.

The floor below me gave way I scrambled back towards the edge of the room, the burned edges of the circle continued to glow with red fire as the tear continued into the earth, for minutes it descended and then as I summoned the courage to gaze down into the depths, the floor finally crumbled away and I fell into the abyss.

The ground rushed past me I fell into crimson depths I was approaching a red circle, then I realised I was falling towards solid ground. Both of my arms shattered on impact my head connected with the ground and blackness overtook me. I came around again and tried to lift my head to look around, I could not focus, nor could I feel my arms anymore and shooting pains as I struggled for breath told me I had broken some ribs and possibly one of my legs.

I felt a presence around me however, evil and malign I looked up with blurry eyes towards the red tunnel that lead to the surface. Around me, hundreds of Demons began to swarm up the tunnel scaling its sheer walls with ease, I could see their faces were covered with radiating lines of darkness, then I was surrounded by twenty or so of these demons, the larger one to the fore leant towards me, despair flowed through me to the very core, unable to even lift my arms to protect myself.

Bloody saliva falls from his jaws as he simply says, “SO NOW YOU KNOW, WE, HIS RACE ARE COMING.” He lifted his sword upwards and to the side, far above his head and started to swing it towards my neck. I fell backwards, not sure if my head was connected to my body, but I felt free and ready to die. I could see the red landscape and units made of thousands Demons, an entire army climbing the walls of the mighty cavern, scurrying up towards the four massive tunnels in the ceiling.

It took me less than a minute to die and during that time still they climbed, towards fresh meat and Ithron.

I awoke, again, blood tricking from my right eye and struggling for breath, I felt alone, and very unsettled as well as very unwell.

They are coming.