Longstor Religion

The Seven Sins of the Longstorian Church

The Seven Sins of the Longstorian Church

A sermon by Victoria Ferris, read at Bone Island.

Allowing Others to Wantonly Damage the Forest
Alright, so, Longstor understand the need for wood for homes and keeping families warm and things like that, but needless damage to the forests could have devastating effects on the landscape. As Longstorians it’s our job to protect the forests from being damaged, to preserve Longstor’s hard work.

Interfering With the Natural Order
The way the cycle works in a certain way, creatures all have their own systems and habits, all the plants wither and bloom again at certain times, the sun rises and falls… The cycle goes round and around perfectly, and if we interfere with it we risk changing the way things work, and it’s important we don’t try to fix what aint broken.

Wantonly Damaging the Forest
Lonstor asks, fairly, that we basically practice what we preach. We protect the forests so it’s obviously to be expected that we don’t needlessly damage them. The forests are beautiful gifts from the Green Lord and should be treasured not picked apart, warped, corrupted, ruined or burned.

Refusing to Aid other Followers of Longstor When Requested
Krygonite’s work against each other, selfishly trying to achieve their own means. Longstorians, on the other hand, prove there is strength in numbers, and we can achieve great deeds if we work together. You’ll often hear about Longstorians being like wolves. We’re encouraged to work together and help each other. We prove the strength of our church and our faith by acting as one.

Failing to Observe a Feast Day, Shrine, or Service of Longstor
The Seven do so much for us that it is a wonderful thing to be able to give thanks. Shrines and services are fantastic ways to learn more about our Lords and ladies, and Feast Days give us time to commit to celebrating their Glory. Longstor gave us a beautiful world, with every part of it unique, and it is only right that we give thanks.

Showing Negative Emotion Over Life and Death
Life and death are important parts of Longstor’s cycle and so he asks that we don’t show misery over them. We understand that death allows life to go on, and that each time a creature is born, another dies. With life, their will always be death. And anyway, mourning is pointless and achieves nothing, so we don’t do it.

Aiding or Being Resurrected
Longstorians know about the cycle, and we are not scared of moving into the next stage of it. Lord Longstor’s most dedicated followers promise to never help to delay somebody else’s transition into the next stage, and we will never be resurrected ourselves.