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The Words of Kharach Regarding the Communion in Shielding MIX

The Words of Kharach regarding the Communion in Shielding MIX

To the Faithful of the Ever Merciful Lord of the Dead, and to those of Faith in the Light of the Seven,

At the recent Esca meet, a great task was completed. Two powerful abominations were destroyed, praise be to Kharach, and many other Abominations were smote to ruin.

But it is of the revelations of the previous evening of which I would speak, for it is the voice of Kharach with regards to this coming Communion of the Gods.

I had prepared the shrine to our Lord, and using a relic of the Lord of the Dead, had cleansed and then asked Lord Kharach to Bless the Shrine.

Once the blessing was complete, the Primate led a prayer in which the Defender of the Faith and myself took part, asking for clarification on His expectations of his Mortal flock. At the culmination of the Prayer, a servant of the Lord appeared, and answered these questions.

This coming Communion has everything to do with the War of the Gods in Elysium, and nothing to do with the battle of the Faithful with the Heretic on Arda.

The War in the Heavens, which could end in the destruction of the Heavens and the slaying of Sidhe’s Children, must end. Whilst there can never be peace between good and evil, between right and wrong, between Light and Darkness, there must exist a ceasefire. Conflict must end lest it shatter the Heavens. As a result, the Communion of the Gods must take place, and all thirteen Paragons must be present, or any decision may not be binding.

As for the followers of the Dark Gods in Arda and Ithron? Kharach’s message was clear. There can be no surrender to evil. There can be no peace with the enemy. Followers of the Seven cannot live side by side with the Heretic, with those who encourage greed, slaughter, corruption, selfish vanity, lies or pain. Therefore, amongst mortals at least, the fight must continue, the war between the followers of Light and Dark carry on until the Heretics are dead and the Faithful triumphant.

Thus it was spoken by the Servant to the Lord of the Dead, and thus it is written, on this day, the ninth day of Shoring in the year MIX.

Praise be to the Ever Merciful Lord of the Dead, Keeper of the Halls of the Slain.

Father Colton of Kharach
IX Shoring MIX