Low stakes or'a ap'zen nibele 2

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Low stakes or'a ap'zen nibele 2

Post by Halfpint3896 »

Or'a Ap'zen Nibele!!

Game of luck, play for the jackpot!

Tickets are -/1 each.

This week's jackpot


Tickets can be bought by reply to this notice or by letter.

Winner notified at end of the week!

Tralda grace you with fortune!

Zira Wrath-DeCurzon-Liberace-Fist-Haveagull.
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Re: Low stakes or'a ap'zen nibele 2

Post by Kahlenda »

Mister Zira,

Seeing as I've won once I'll try my luck again.

I'll have another 2 tickets please

Thank you
Lorian Skalitz
Lorian Skalitz
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Re: Low stakes or'a ap'zen nibele 2

Post by Reaver91 »

I'll buy 5 tickets, Ranger.

Good luck brother.

Finn Skalitz
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Re: Low stakes or'a ap'zen nibele 2

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The collection of papers appears to have been carefully unfastened and moved to a different area of the local noticeboards.
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