Commendation: Loche Coldpyre

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Commendation: Loche Coldpyre

Post by Melchette »

Please let it be known that The Master Mage Loche Coldpyre should be commended for their quick thinking in the heat of battle.

At the last Hiring in Aqua-Sulis, we were sent to deal with a growing undead presence in the "Darkwood" area.

After making our way through a number of unliving and their allies, we found a creature of pale-blue flame and blackened armour. This creature demanded that we swear fealty to it, and gave it's name as 'Berkylack'.

Whilst several of us bought time for the less martially focused members of the party, it was deduced that the creature was the Greatest strata of undeath.

Loche's quick thinking was able to guide our priests and faithful in how they should unmake this abomination.

So it was that through martial skills of Master Dorian Stone of the Guild of mercenaries, as well as Knights of my Order (Errant Morningdew and Sir Ed'); the ministrations and fervour of the faithful (High Mother Verity, Defender Sailbearer and Luna); as well as the application of Master Coldpyre's craft, we were able to fell and unmake this creature before it was able to establish a power base in the woods north of the City.

I would like to thank everyone who assisted with this mission, in keeping the King's lands safe from such predations, but importantly, the results of Loche's nimble thinking was the key to our success and they deserve recognition for such.

In Duty to King and Country
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Re: Commendation: Loche Coldpyre

Post by Sharon_H-F »

Thank you Sir for this account, it greatly pleases me that Loche has become such a great Undeadun hunter.

Well done Loche, proud of you!

Captain Milly
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Re: Commendation: Loche Coldpyre

Post by Lunar »

The team work during this outing was outstanding.
It was thanks to the generosity of Loche and Gwynfryn that I had the information and items required to defeat the Shadow knight. Without their help I have no doubt that defeating Berkylack that day would not have been possible.

I would also like to thank High Mother Veritty, Jacobs, Dorian and the Boars for keeping me safe with their vigilant watch over the Shadow Knight while I performed the rituals required.

You are all trusted and skilled adventurers that I would always trust to have by my side during an adventure.
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Re: Commendation: Loche Coldpyre

Post by CautiousOne »

Everyone present deserves praise, it was an outstanding achievement! But I would like to doubly commend Master Loche's ridiculous idea to Divine Nature during a combat situation. I have never seen, heard of or ever imagined such a thing to be so useful.

Well done.
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Re: Commendation: Loche Coldpyre

Post by Reaver91 »

Loche is a fine mage, worthy of many compliments.

A true credit to any adventure, and someone that all should gladly have by their side.

Well done Fizzy
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Re: Commendation: Loche Coldpyre

Post by Lockmoor »


Thank you all for your kind words. I will endeavour to continue assisting the Kingdom and the adventurers. I was fortunate enough to have a brilliant group around me who kept me safe and I am grateful for all those who fought against such evil.

Kindest Regards

Loche Coldpyre
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