Gathered Intelligence from overseas

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Gathered Intelligence from overseas

Post by Mayor » 15 Jul 2019, 21:48

A list of current events as we understand then in Axir, its former empire and other countries.

This summary was composed by Lady Brienne Sommerholt-Wisty, with assistance from Jack & Emily Fletcher. My thanks go to those that have submitted reports to your guild on the wider community.

Reports and names etc have been removed to protect those affected or at risk of harm. As you may already be aware assassins and heretics have been stopping people to learn about Axir, we cannot let them know of the information we have gathered. Please do not share this information too widely.

The lands of Oluthern have been unsettled by the Assassination of the Kaiser, it was suspected that the Kryaganite tribes were responsible. To the East is mostly forests which inhabits witches and kryganite corruption. To the West the nobility are in disarray following the assassination and new leadership is under heavy contention. The economy is thriving and trade has been established between Oluthern and the Berwickshire trading company.

When the Axirian Portal network collapsed, Mithim produced the Gates which enabled an increase in forreign travel and trade. It had an existing international gate in Norham but have now expanded to a collection of smaller gates across Ithron. The south of Mithim are still having trouble with Undead which has unsettled the natives in that area. There have been reports of Refugees fleeing the area and selling their wealth for safety.

The Lands of Nurun are heavily under threat from undead, the main threat was a Liche and accompanying Shadow knight. The Living population is made up of three factions, the “Human separatists”, “Elven separatists” and the larger moderate middle ground. There was once a great battle between these factions which lead to the large presence of undead. Reports indicate that the Human population which to enslave the Elven races which continues the blood shed to this day.

Nippon has been ravaged by demonic forces, its people have attempted to flee which lead to the construction of a demonic barrier. The Nipponese embassy is located in Nerese, that is where the portal to Nippon can be found. Control is not by means of distance but by the same as any other, control of the access name. The Embassy knows the name and so controls the gate.

No reports received - hopefully forthcoming after the large gathering.

This country was completely over run by the Konnish, five out of six cities were taken and destroyed, the people were herded up as slaves. The ithronian adventurers have assisted the Ynalian army to rally and reclaim land, progress has been made with pushing the Konnish back. A Native has answered the call of Abraxis and has taken command of the region of Bodrismir, he plans to usurp the Ynalian throne.

Nilth is ruled by Queen Ziva D`Marco, mother of the late Queen of Ithron. The country do not have recognised guilds but instead they have trade houses in each city, trade permits must be present in order to trade in the cities. Nilth currently trades alchemical supplies with Ithron and is rich in Obsidian. The Nilthian Inquisition is made of Sidhean devotees, they manage the threat of Heresy and the study of Dark arts. The Ithronian adventurers have been Liaising with a Traldan Speaker whom i suspect is involved with the heretic activity within Nilth. I have highlighted abstracts which would back my theory.
ey saught wood and paper.
Nilth provides Ithron with Black Onyx, a hiring went to a mine which was under demonic control.

The citizens of Ethron are facing food shortages, with many leaving Ethron or turning to banditry out of desperation. A group of Sidhian Orcs are attempting to keep order and to deal with the fae problem.
The fae are split into two groups - ‘The Wild Hunt’ and ‘The Daughters’
The daughters turned against their own kind, making a deal for the king of Ethron to rule them after five years if they could elect a new king for Ethron. The candidates for king have been assassinated with alchemy baring the unicorn symbol being found near the bodies.
The two fae groups are fighting and Ethron is currently without a leader.

Serruma is a country that shares borders with Llaminusia, Tholon, Konn, Nilth and Oluthern is currently ruled by King Talos Virrus.
Serruma and Ithron have been allies for many years, with Ithrons adventurers aiding Serruma in tasks that could not be completed by the noble order of Knights of the Storm. They are very distrusting of non religious dark arts mages, with summoning of undead and demons being punishable by death.
With the fall of the legion, they are unable to hold the konnish border and are currently being pushed further inland. The out lying villagers are fleeing towards the capital leaving farmlands unattended and damaged.
Current threats include a Portal to the Shardan graveyard inside their borders, undead demons and lack of food due to losing lands to the konn and trying to feed the remaining legionnaires.

Tholon, as is well known, is home to many forms of undead and demons which be either because or the result of the nature of the magical studies that took place there. The "Necrologists" as they were known are a hybridisation of our Necromancers and Demonologists. That I am aware of, their Tower of Necrology (similar to our Tower of Sorcery) is destroyed and has been for some time.
The capital of Tholon is Valensk, the language is quite a harsh one and the written form is considerably complex. Tholon currently shares a border with the Konn.
Tholon is ruled by a Monarch from the Capital City of Valensk. Where King Robert has his Dukes to aid his rule, Tholon's ruling monarch has The Council. That I can see or hear of, there is no current council and no King.

There are two Princes fighting for the Tholonian Throne currently, Prince Nikolai and Prince Viktor.
Prince Viktor is a Vampire. The people seem to be backing Price Nikolai and are attempting to have him made King.Prince Viktor is a Vampire Lord and I cannot allow an ally of the Holy Land of Ithron to be ruled by an abomination.
The Counts seem to hold a good amount of wealth but are hesitant to spend it.
There was an Axirian Senator present previously, current status unknown. They do have a number of exports available, most basic construction materials are available in bulk - wood, stone, and ores. A number of more precious metals and gems are available as well and there are some skilled workers there able to craft some absolutely beautiful jewellery. There is also a good amount of strange and potent beverages in the form of spirits; and some dried meats.

Trade is currently being established between Esca and Valensk. Some merchants have made contact with the help of adventurers. There have been trades of raw materials and fabrics established. Their current need is for skilled workers of these materials to aid in their current construction and fortification projects. My next objective there with regards to the city of Valensk is to attempt to negotiate some lodgings for Ithronian workers to go and help them.

Trade was previously maintained with Serruma and Llaminusha, I am unaware of the details but I believe with the fall of Axir, this trade has ceased. Tholon - or at least, Valensk has as well established Military which is quite capable it seems.
The Military is currently split between three purposes. One guards the City of Valensk, one guards the Konnish Borders, the final is the logistics between the two.

There is no Axirian presence in this country currently. If we are able to get a Legion to this nation I believe they will be able to better deal with the internal threat of demons and undead. Tholon is truly a godless land. The people here recognise the gods but pay them no tribute or faith. So much so that I am regularly challenged and questioned as I walk the streets of Valensk.

Undeath is not seen as an abomination in this land, but rather a sign of status. Many people here who study necrology do so to become a Liche - a sign of absolute power and mastery of their arts. An immortal (un)life and all the knowledge they could ever need. Vampirism is also seen as a power status though not as much so as Liche-dom. People are quite often willing to allow themselves to be turned into a foul creature in the name of immortality and status.

Undead creatures with intelligence are able to hold positions of power and nobility in this land. As such, the laws here are a little different. To destroy lesser undead is considered Theft. To destroy minor undead is considered Murder. To destroy major Undead is considered Major - and in some cases Capital Murder. There is zero religious presence in this land. I do intend to bring the Light of the Seven to the country as much as I can. I have located a former Black Choir* keep in Tholon.
* [Old Kharachian sect with a number of keeps spanning the Axirian Empire] There is a creature known as "The Devourer" plaguing the country.

This creature is killing most things it can find and we believe it to be a corruption of Fae and Necromancy. Our first encounter with its trail was through a necromantically charged fae portal, upon laying to rest the souls that had not been damaged within the fae realm and removing a necromantic artefact the portal lost its necromantic taint and promptly closed behind us.

There are efforts being made to find a "Keymaster" - a fae creature of some description which we believe may be crucial in the efforts to stop and destroy The Devourer.

The Amnorians are ruled by an elected head of state, the Elector Principe, with a court of 12 duques.
Under this rule is various noble houses that conduct the trades in lieu of guilds. Anyone whom is displaying a noble house colours are granted protection under that household. Many of the country are religious.
The country has an ‘inquisition’ that upholds the law, appearing to have the utmost authority to punish for a crime on the spot. The most heinous of crime is to be caught carrying poison, which is punishable by death. Outside of the main cities, the inquisition hold no sway with the outlying citizens being roughed up bandits that do as they please.
There are reports of issues of strong horned creatures, that looks similar to minotaurs have been spotted causing problems with some reported to be wearing symbols to Krygon.

The Legion placed here has not been infiltrated by Sereklanites thanks to Ithronian adventurers. Poison is illegal.
The noble households run the country in lieu of guilds. If wearing the colours of a noble house you are considered to be on business for them and left alone. Those not working for a house are left in a ‘all for one’ state of living.

No reports received

Following the assassination of the Emperor of Axir and 43 members of his house and those who had a legitimate claim to the throne, the country fell into chaos. The country is currently in a sorry state with those living there struggling for food and fearing the unknown future of the country. However, some citizens are starting to continue on having accepted this as the new way of life, even going as far as to join the dark churches.
The curse that was placed upon Axir has been ended, and currently order in the streets is being kept by small units of Legionnaires patrolling the streets.

Information gained from the corpse of a Axirian Sereklanite confirm the new Emperor has been put in place by the church of Sereklan. He has no say over the running of the country, He is at best a figure head. He is known to be hosting regular lavish parties, spending most of his time entertaining various vices.

The commanders of the legions (Senators like the countries leaders) were recalled at the point of the late emperor's death, leaving many of the legions across the empire without leadership.
Axir attempted to regain leadership of the legions across the empire by sending out sereklanite commanders. Many of these new commandes have been intercepted and dealt with by Ithronian adventurers
However, With no funding from Axir, limited food and next to no leadership many legionnaires are deserting their posts. Those that are staying are being pushed back by the Khonnish troops, with the countries they are defending falling with them. Many of the countries are unable or unwilling to help to support them.

College of Battlemagic
Adventurers have established a secure gate within its walls, most of the battlemages have fought internally during the betrayal and the few remaining have isolated themselves.

Religion in Axir is mostly that of sereklan, with members of the church of sereklan being responsible for the chaos. A sereklanite curse was placed upon the island following the death of the late Emperor that caused heightened emotions. This has left Axir with reduced followers of Crowa, Longstor or Kharach. Shrines to the seven have fallen into disrepair, with the largest shrine to Tralda inside the palace grounds being re-concerated to Sereklan. Shrines to Bequifis, Githas and Fygol are also being openly worshipped across the island.
There have been several small attacks on the sereklanites by groups of light god followers, but these alone are to small to do much of an impact.
The Traldan Prelate currently resides in Ithron following a rescue earlier this year.
Pathfinder William Falstaff
Lord Mayor of Ithron

01/09/18-30/06/19 Seax lindsen
01/09/17 - 31/08/18: Daniel Matthews
01/09/15 - 31/08/17 : Yorbaster Duggly

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Re: Gathered Intelligence from overseas

Post by Mayor » 15 Jul 2019, 21:55

Oluthern East- Reports
20/01/19 Thervingi tribe investigated for involvement in assassination of the Kaiser. Information to suggest that Kryganite elements within the Thervingi tribe carried out the assassination/trying to implicate the non heretic Thervingi
31/3/19 Dealing with Kryganites and magical rocks called ‘Dolems’

26/6/19 Letter from Sir Lucius, whom has only traveled there once, probably around the above date.
Eastern Oluthen is a territory within the entirety of the Country of Oluthen. It is held by one Elector, and seems to be a vast forested area, the settlements and open areas that exist seem to merely be large vales within the forest, rather than areas that separate different woodlands.

The Witch Tribes seem to be in charge, with the Elector being merely a token representative of the Kaiser (who resides in Western Oluthen.) They seem to have a good grasp of Thaumaturgy and Enchantment, being responsible for the well being of these Dolmens.

A Dolmen seems to be a magical rock that sits on a leyline nexus, controlling the flow. We encountered a yellow flower growing at the base of one that exploded in magical energy when picked by Master Marsali of the School of Necromancy.

From reports I have read, they also seem to have turned a hand to Alchemy, they are reported as having higher tier items at their disposal such as Swiftdeath.

The region seems to be at risk of Kryganite incursion, with areas of land being corrupted. The woodland also seems to change, the paths that are marked are the only safe route, with it being near impossible to find once stepped off of.
Oluthern West Reports-
18/12/18 - Kaiser was assassinated, assumed Kryganite involvement. Nobles in disarray
16.2.19. Adventurers used axirian portal to travel to W.Oluthern to negotiate the construction of mithimese gate.
Oluthern economy appears to be booming, merchants appear to be keen on establishing trade once the gates are operational. The kaiser was keen to use the gates to travel to Ithron.
Oluthern is split into 7 electorates (duchies)
A serving maid entered the hall with a concealed blade laced in poison, she struck his chest and poured an invis down his throat.
General populous accused the Ithronian adventurers of assassinating the kaiser, large number of Krygan worshipers, their leader "father frederick".
17/2/19 - Port city of Bremen. Hired to speak to Prince Openheim with regards to setting up a trade deal with Berwickshire. Dealt with Krygaites, werewolves. Assisted a mage who was trying to flee to Ithron for safety. Trade deal a success.
27.2.19. Concern raised regarding the whereabouts and safety of Prince Otto Cordius, nephew of the late Kaiser.
It was believed that he was in the company of Elector Sofia Mordburg, governor of the province of Rheinlesse to the west.
The boy is of an impressionable age and is an important political piece in the succession of kaiser.
The boy was rumoured to have been escorted to Rum to place him within the Electors family in an attempt to control him.
Prince Otto has been returned to his kinsman and wishes to govern his own life.
30/3/19 - reports of kryganites, fae and politics leaving the country unstable
17.4.19 - Mission hired to stop the ‘new commander’ of the 12th legion reaching his post. Commander dead, as is a lot of the 12th Legion due to already having been infiltrated by sereklanites. Deserters from the 12th legion arrived in Brisel 6.7.19.
Today in Brisel we were hired to investigate a group of heavily armoured people whom had been lurking outside of a village (amongst other jobs)
The group were Axirians who claimed to be heading towards Brisel with the hopes of getting a boat to Axir. They wanted to check on their families after hearing about what had been happening there.
After a bit of pressing, they confirmed that they were deserters from the 12th Legion and had been stationed in Guiadon. The gentleman in charge of this group had apparently been the Sargent. The original Commander had been recalled back to Axir when news of the Emperor's death reached them, and a replacement was sent. To his knowledge, the replacement is still there.

The legion have been offered the chance to merge with a unit of legionnaires based in Sortho. They have relocated to Sortho.
16/05/19 principality of Baden evacuating due to loss in electorates war. Presence of a fae realm portal causing severe issues. Black Forest held to be an area of potential demonic or necromantic taint

Mithim Reports

Mithim is ruled by a ‘Nemes’, rough translation is ‘Crown’. Next in command is the ‘Grand Vizer’ who is Chief minister of the crown and head of the faith. Under that is Governors, who are appointed by the Nemes.

Mithim has established trade with Ithron, fresh deliveries of fine food is regularly sent to the international gate in Norham. This trade agreement has been in place since before the rest of Ithron gained the Mithamese gates.
16.2.19.- Lands to the south reported increased undead activity and reports of tombs being broken into Near the mountains of the moon region.
Historically the area had a history of conflict with southern barbaric tribes, a large portion of the mithimese grand army are engaged with.

Several parties of well armed foulspawn attacking and eating beggars.

Inspection of the mountain- one entrance to a tomb beside a cave inhabiting foulspawn. Concluded that the undead bled into the foulspawn cave and drove them out. Foulspawn hunted the beggars to sustain themselves.
17/2/19 - Undead marching northwards through the mountain rather then over. Mostly lessers.
Tribes people are fleeing in every direction to avoid them, selling everything they can for coin.
26/02/19 huge amounts of dead coming through from South of the country, possibly from lands previously occupied by the Black Sorcerer. Large amounts of poor citizens for such an apparently rich country.

Large expanse of mountain collapsed to stop undead from coming into northern Mithim.
Nurun Reports
5/11/18 - Besieged by undead, which have taken over what was left of the Axirian legion there.
3/12/18 - Litche confirmed. Enchants hurt it, but lay to rest and cleansing didn't kill it.
7/1/19 - The area (indeed the country) is split into three factions, these are the Human separatists, elven separatists and larger moderate middle ground
Hundreds of years ago the humans and elves waged a terrible war which left the country decimated, most records from this time were expunged by the moderates so that no side could create martyrs of the dead. unfortunately this has left dozens of battlefields full of the fallen soldiers which are now being used to create armies of undeath
Litche is cashing in on the undead and looking to rule. Wraiths and mummies have been encountered in the country.
07/01/19 -Today in Nurum [Redacted] was attacked by a member of the Axirian Unicorn assassins guild.

A strange poison was used on the blade, it was red in colour looking like a venom oil however the pathfinder is resistant to such poisons but I had to purge him before he awoke. it also appeared to have a lasting effect on him the whole day, He described it to me like he was choking on his own tongue. We were unable to stop this effect, we attempted cure diseases and purge poisons in quick succession, I cleansed him, and I believe a dispel magic was cast on him
04.02.19- Human supremacists looking to enslave the Elven population which is leading to violence and unrest - heavy undead presence and vampires noted.
3.3.19- adventuring party dispatched to investigate an undead who rose out of a necromantic pit. Shadow Knight found and destroyed.
Primate of Kharach attempted to lay the pit to rest- no effect.
Considering if it could be dispelled?
30/06/19 -The ‘witnessing your fears’ appears to be a vision that caused the religious on the party to believe that their worst fear was coming true. Causing some party members to act on it after the vision had ended.
30/06/19-Ok so we were hired to go and head to Nurum cos there is a baddie Lich trying to take over the country. Apparently he has done some magic to hide his name so we cant find the thingy-ma-Bob to destroy him. So we had to go to a tomb that "might" have something there to help. This was in the Elven territory of the country. We had to fight lots of Undead all the time, didn't see anything else. They would sometimes spring out of the ground when we walked by. Using Tralda's and Vleybor's Power to hold them back.
There was one point that lots of us had really bad visions, talked to a lot of people we were all religious and the theme was that something had happened and it was all our fault or we were powerless to stop it. Mine was really bad were I killed everyone with my dragon fire and everything around me was burning. But this could happen if I'm not careful with my dragon powers. So I'm gonna be super careful and didn't use them all day.

After her vision Mother Militant [Redacted] smashed Primate [Redacted] in the back with her magic mace, claiming she was undead. The party was pretty spread out and the mages pushed the Mother Militant back and kept her away long enough for me to heal the Primate.
At this point the Crowan Priest [Redacted] finished a cleansing ritual of the area and the mages said a necromantic thing flew into The Mother Militant and she sort of just dropped her mace and walked off.

Eventually we fought our way to the tomb place and there was a magic locked door. It gave us lots of riddles to open it, it would freeze the person to touch it and if they didn't answer the riddle quick enough it sprayed them in the face with a fast acting poison.
Father [redacted] was immune, thanks to Crowas miracles, so tried several times. At the end of each riddle it would always say "what am I". Its a fucking door, took us ages to figure it out the bits before it was just bollocks.
In the tomb there was lots more undead, we got to the box that might have the information in it. It was trapped with more fast poison. I was lucky because a big splash of the poison flew right by my face, Praise be to Tralda for me being super lucky. The mages began to play the mages boxy game while we held back the undead.
Primate [Redacted] beheld the Mace of Kharch but she couldn't hold it up forever so eventually we had to fight them off. Brother [Redacted] got possessed by a Shadow and smashed me in the back, I woke up thanks to the magic of my crown but then the Shadow possessed me and I tried to kill my friend.

I woke up again and the mages had apparently won their game of magey boxy and were only nearly died.
We then had to fight our way out of the tomb and left with the bit of paper. No one could read it cos it's in Nurumese. The Mother Militant wasn't just been grumpy she had a necromantic thing in her that took all her emotions away and her powers. The General knocked her out so Brother [Redacted] and Father [Redacted] could cleanse her. Which got her back to normal and she had a good long talk with her Primate.

Nippon reports
30/10/18- on the verge of being attacked by khonnish forces. The Axirian stronghold has been overrun with the Ithronian and Nipponesse strongholds wavering.
26/11/18 - Demons appear to be primary weapons, shapeshifters being used to infiltrate the main city
16.2.19.-a demonic barrier has been erected in Nippon which causes anyone of Nipponese descent and bloodline to be forced back or even killed. House magyn involved in the destruction of this land.
16.2.19.- A party left the Gate at the Nipponese embassy in Nerese. They traveled to Nippon, via ritual from a witch, to create a gate in an abandoned cathedral of Vleybor. They were attacked by Pale, sunken skinned people who were completely silent. Non lethal and swords had no effect on them. Cleaned out animal headed demons and set up the portal.
Month later to above
The witch mentioned above had gone missing. Left the embassy, to be attacked by animal face demons. Encountered Konnish warband led by red faced, horned demon.
Found a Crowan Rose Priory attacked and ruined.
Followed witch through portal which led to Nippon, through droves of ‘Nipponese broken’ - poor wretched people who have been broken down, then broken down some more.

Rum- No reports received

Ynal reports
9.12.18. Completion of mithimese gate
Six major cities, five of these are over run by the Konn.

City of Troaz is located to the NW, fortified city within the mountain range and the sea.
Location of the Ynalian International gate.

City of Tropasus is in the Center of the country which is home to the great library. The library contains knowledge of magic.

City of Serak To the east, within the mountain range which is on the border with the konnish wastelands. This city fell first and is the direct route into Ynal.

City of Sinop to the North, it looks over the sea, it was our first objective. We have eyes on liberating the docks and move supplies between the two cities.
9.12.18. Two objectives were presented to the adventuring Party;
Find and rescue 200 ynalian slaves from a labour camp (accepted)
Search and destroy konnish supplies.(later completed by another party)
13.1.19.previous rescue mission drew a lot of attention from the Konnish hoards. Army massed and advancing on Troaz, was intercepted by the waiting Ithronian adventurers and destroyed.
Second adventuring team sabotaged konnish supplies using magical disease.
10.2.19. Adventurers ventured into the mountains to meet with the Ynalian Dwarves, foulspawn had been retreating into the stronghold from the Konnish above ground. Found one dwarf under Demonic possession, we have no idea why. The dwarves agreed to assist with the military push on Sinop. An Ancestor built the walls around the city, they knew how to break them also.
12.4.19. Siege of Sinop. Large army made up of two ithronian adventuring teams, ynalian dwarves, ynalian army stormed Sinop. Ithronian Navy provided ballistae bombardment on the city.

City of Bodrismir to the south-west, once housed the ynalian navy- fell 15 months ago. The ships have either been utilised by the Konn or destroyed.
12.5.19. Ventured into Bodrismir, reports received stating the presence of a large force, it was unknown if the presence was friend or foe. Later discovered that Abraxian commander has risen through the ranks and taken control of military matters. Plans to drive the konn into the sea then usurp Ynalian throne. Deceased Abraxian citizen brought back for interrogation.
26/5/19 info from dead abraxian citizen ‘Ahmed, Kindred’ The abraxian presence within ‘Bodrismir’ isn’t strong. The commander is an abraxian priest with priest and dev bodyguards.Peasantry is fight along side but not turned to abraxis. About 100 followers of abraxis, with a shrine within the lord's manor.
They intend to leave Bodrismir to take the throne.
The city of Bodrismir is under attack by Konnish, undead and demons.
9.6.19. Adventuring team deployed to intercept ynalian hostages from the Konnish. Rescue the hostages before Abraxian rescue party arrived. The adventuring party discovered a holy site to the seven, an ornate looking chapel with seven defiled shrines.(plans to rectify once priests are available)
14.7.19. Adventuring team ventured into the northern reaches, they were tasked to rescue ten ynalian natives from the Konn. The trek across the planes contained a lot of undead and konnish warriors. They were laid to rest and their bodies burnt under the wise advice of High Father of Kharach. Tunnels used by the Ynalian intelligence service was discovered and utilised to bypass a large hoard of warriors. We found the hostages and evacuated them through the tunnels before intercepting the warrior hoard. Fifty warriors, 6 constructs and 5 demons later, we returned to Troaz.

City of adanantakya To the south, Shares its border with the sea- once the trading hub with Mithim.
Nilth Reports -
Wood, linen, silk, rope, alchemy and food are all items Nilth is looking to trade for.
Nilth is apparently rich in obsidian.
Axir has (or had) a significant presence in Nilth due to its border with the konn. My contact did not want to talk about how that has changed since the troubles in Axir.
The churches how considerable power in Nilth. Most prominent is the church of sidhe in the form of the Inquisition.
Devotes hold the top ranks in Nilthian churches, in the case of the Inquisition this is the High Inquisitor.
Followers of the dark six are not often seen in Nilth. The Inquisition 'deals with them'.
Non humans, especially Dwarfs seem to be more accepted in Nilth than in Ithron and they can hold positions of minor nobility up to the rank of Baron.
Dwarves have their own subterranean hierarchy.
Elves and halflings are not often seen.
Dark elves are seen, probably from Tholon.
Axirian fort 22- requires food and coin (trade being established), Nilth is short on gold.
Bartertown contained bequifisians and githasians- they saught wood and paper.
Nilth provides Ithron with Black Onyx, a hiring went to a mine which was under demonic control.

We were hired by a Traldan Speaker by the name of Ward to find his brother; a merchant. It was said that he last travelled towards Bartertown. We passed through Axirian Fort 22, they are as yet free of the Serraklanite influence, but are unhappy about the lack of pay. The Legionnaire on gate duty warned me that I would not like Bartertown.

Soon we heard screaming and pressed on to find a man being attacked by Konn. The Konn were dispatched quickly and the man seen to. He turned out to be the brother we were searching for. He requested our assistance in getting to Bartertown, of course we agreed.

The Legionnaire was right, Bartertown was awash with Githasians and Bequifisians, all bustling about and trading. It seems that wood and paper are particularly valuable to them. The village headman, thankfully not a heretic, spoke with the brother we'd rescued. He was to trade a large roll of scroll paper for some black onyx, however the villagers couldn't get the onyx because Konn had taken over the mine. The brother asked us to clear out the mine so that he could complete his trade and be off home.
None of us were wounded in the fights in the mine and we returned to Bartertown. We handed over the onyx and completed the trade (the headman either underestimated my Nilthian or did not care but he called me an idiot for helping him).
"I have made contacts for trade in Nilth via their Traldan Speaker, and am arranging funding for a trade shipment from my liege lord. The profits from such deals are intended to go towards paying Fort 22. I hope also to escort a delivery of food to the Legion there at next month's hiring.

Unfortunately I am yet to ascertain the precise details of what they wish to trade to us, as they wish to discuss this in person. They value wood, stone and paper, and we know they have alchemy and black onyx. I have been told that the black onyx is not currently on the table for trade but if anyone can tell me of its worth in Ithron I would be most grateful."
We travelled by Mithim gate to Talya, the capital of Nilth.

We were greeted in Talya by the Traldan speaker who was hiring us on behalf of the dwarven Khan of Undernilth.

Its was noted that the Arch Protector and the Inquisition were not present which allowed the speaker to talk more openly. We where also told that any information we recover should be reported to the Khan so he could pass this information to the Inquisition himself rather than them discovering it on his behalf. It would seem that the local political situation is somewhat delicate.

Not long after arriving in Kaymakli we were approached by a black bearded dwarf who greeted Thordak and my self in dwarven and then greeted Haquim in Mithimese. Even before he spoke we could guess he was not from Nilth as Nilthian dwarfs have the unusual (to an Ithronian dwarf) habbit of cutting thier beards into a neat square and shaving thier moustaches. All Nilthian dwarf i have met aslo have also had sand coloured beards.

He told us the Khan wished to see us and headed off down a tunnel. More than a few suspicions were raised by this but we followed anyway. We were soon set apon by a gang of black beared dwarfs, many had throwing weapons. I saw a mixture of holy symbols of the light gods. The actions taken by the bearers of the symbols make it a safe bet that they were in fact Sereklanites. All were put down but not before they could inflict a fair amount of damage to our party. A firm reminder that although we had been invited here we were not welcome by all and that political tensions were very close to the surface.

We them came upon a camp with a mixture of humans and dwarfs. Some again had holy symbols of the light gods, again they turned out to be Sereklanites. A short bloody fight ensued and the Sereklanites came off worst but not without injury on our side. The most talkative member if the heretics was healed up and questioned. Lady Tralda had obviously smiled on us as this turned out to be none other than Mith-Ramik, the dwarf we were looking for.

He bargained for his life telling us he had been arranging the capture of Nilthian dwarfs and selling them to slavers. In fact he had just come from a meeting with them and had delivered a fresh batch of slaves that morning. If we were quick we could catch them, but he would only tell us where they were if we let him go. Having given some thought to the whole situation, with the things we had learnt in this mission and from what i have read in the report library there could be reason to suspect i deeper plot to destabilise Nilth by disrupting trade and commerce.

The onex mine that was taken by the Konn, the slate mine and the mushroom farm are all high value assets and all have experienced disuption, either by heretics sperading decent, slavers taking (it would appear) higher ranking Nilthian dwarfs and the Konn seizing control. We know then Konn have had a hand in most if not all these situations, i would not be surprised to find they were masterminding the whole thing.

Ethron reports-
23/6/19 - The Wild Hunt Fae are trying to kill the daughters. These are shapechangers of some type. The daughters choose the champions, after a trial one of which becomes high king / queen. Then the old high king/ queen somehow stops the wild hunt.

We have also been given a message from the daughter to the adventurers who came before. Return the stolen fae as they are not protected and are vulnerable. There are threats in Ithron and Lirron they have no protection against.
6.7-19. Refugees through the portal have endured food shortages and great concern of malnourishment. There is currently a threat of banditry through desperation, a few arrests have been made in the settlement where the gate portal is located.

A tribe of Sidhean Orcs are seeking to keep order and tracking down the Daughters.

Corpse of a malnourished person discovered, upon examination, evidence of small larvae was found inside his stomach which had eaten its way out.

We made brief contact with a member of the Crowan tribe and the other people fighting the fae who said that the leader of the Vleyborians had been taken by the fae to an area suspected to be a fae gate.

The Daughters are fae who once acted as scouts and assassins for the wild hunt. They turned traitor to their kind and brokered a deal where the KIng of Ethron would come to rule the wild hunt after five years and that the Daughters would choose candidates for the next King from amongst all the peoples of Ethron. It seems that this control can only happen once the new king has been crowned and the assassination of the candidates means that the control has failed and the Wild Hunt rides unchecked. The fae confirmed that the candidates had been killed by human agents and the presence of a corpse bearing alchemy with the unicorn sigil that was disposed of by your guards suggests that this was done deliberately to sow chaos.

We located the vleyborian, who had made a deal with the fae to ensure the safety of the Crowan tribes, and left as swiftly as the fae would allow without making any further deals,. it seems the Fae has made sure that the village is safe by taking it into the fae realm, he has promised that the village will be safe until the end of the current wild hunt. What exactly will happen at that point is a little vague and these people will have been living in the realm all the time. This is the tribe of the Primate of Crowa and I would expect that she will seek for them to be freed as soon as possible either through the crowning of the new king or some effort into the realm to retrieve them.

Serruman Reports
14/11/18 Konnish raiding parties harassing Serruman Border. Farmlands being abandoned. First appearance of Konnish Wolf Headed Constructs (Venomed claws, wolf heads - many blunt hits to kill)
13/04/19 contact made with stalled Axirian legions in Serruma, arrangements for food and supplies made. Plan made to stop Serraklanite commanders arriving at destination. First appearance of undead demons.

22/6 - Started out in Vilnus, the most south east city before the konnish border. The Konn have managed to gain a foot hold in Serruma and are at least 50miles inland, having taken over farmland. A portal to the shardan graveyard has been found to be actively spitting out undead demons.
Tholon Reports
13/3/19 - A gate has been created Tholon - Esca. A Prince was met, possible name of ‘Nikolai’
Rival faction made up of different nationalities and undead tried to stop the creation of the gate.
Amnor Reports-
2.6.19.The Amnorian people are deeply religious. Most people are at least Kindred to a light god, particularly those in authority.

Swordplay is a favourite pastime. Duels are common for honour and for sport. They are also prideful of their craftsmanship of a particular type of sword.

The Amnorian are ruled by an elected head of state, the Elector Principe. He has a Ducal Court of possibly twelve Duques. Beneath them are the Contes. Beneath them the Baróns. Followed by the Senor. Then beneath them we have those that equates to our peasantry.

From what I have seen the Amnorians seem to be trading effectively. I understand that the produce of the lands is tithed to the nobles. The nobles in turn pays towards the infrastructure. Politics between the great houses can lead to alliances or, let's understate it as 'fallings out'.

Where one Noble family holds power their system seems to work. Where Nobles are in contention with each other then this can lead to problems. I am yet to witness this in effect but that's what I am led to believe.

The farming peasantry don't seem to take much interest in who their particular nobles are. They continue their life regardless or which flag flies above the nobles manor/villa.
28/4/19 - A mission went out to intercept a group of sereklanites hoping to gain control of the legions stationed there. Mission was a success.
18/5/19 - Party hired to find missing alchemist Pablo. Pablo had been taken by street thugs and put to the pits. Apparently once in the pits the only way to leave is win or die. Traded for a party member who then killed the Minotaur like creature.
5/6/19 - Party hired by Pablo on behalf of Giovanni Silvano for a cultural exchange. Bull men spotted attacking a noblemans villa. They stood tall and strong, adorned with horns on their heads. Their mighty stomps firm enough to shake the very ground, their arms strong enough to carry large weapons and break anything clean in two. Some wore symbols of the Mother of Monsters. Their hides were muscular and thick, many solid strikes were needed for them to be laid low.
No reports received

Axir Reports
30. 09.18
43 people were assassinated within a one hour period. This included the Emperor and his entire family (with one exception), and the four other families with obvious claims to the position of Emperor.
The Prelates (their version of Primates) are under massive protection.
Commanders of every legion in the Empire have been recalled to Axir. Most I've seen have brought a significant portion of their elite troops with them.
No-one seems to know exactly what's going on. I don't know if it's because we're foreigners, but nobody 'on the street' will talk to us about the situation.
We're quite popular with the surviving noble families who seem keen to get the support of Ithron. We've had to make it clear that bribery is not an option on a number of occasions.
Rumour and conjecture:
Killing that many high level people at one would have been extremely expensive. Either the 'Guild' did it for their own reasons, or there is someone big behind it
4 or 5 candidates have put their names forward as successors. I won't list them until I know for sure so as to give them all a fair chance.
The Emperor was apparently in bed with a lady other than his wife when he was killed. She survived and has disappeared into the Axirian legal system.
The Emperor's brother's body has not been found.
With all the troops coming back here the Konnish border will be much weaker
Prices are rising for luxury/imported goods
I've heard of some rioting, but not seen any myself yet.
There's rumours of an upcoming 'shutdown' on transport and communication.

The five candidates are as follows:
Marcus Naevius, commander of the XIVth Legion, from a family experienced in Imperial politics
Claudius Tullius, cousin of the governor of Nerese, from a family with a reputation for handling the unpleasant side of governance – like overseeing Tholon
Prelate Licenia Pacidius of Tralda, a devout priestess from a pious family who believe Axir should be the holy land
Albin Vibidius, a young man known for excess, from a relatively young family with wealth
Legate Camilla Livius, commander of the IIIrd Legion and senator, from a family known for gaining their positions through deeds and hard work.

The Emperor’s brother is believed to have fled the country, as have many of the surviving cousins or distant relatives of the family looking to protect their own. The direct lineage has been shattered and there is no suitable candidate that can be seen at this time to challenge the five names above for the throne.

The assassination of the Emperor and his direct lineage has rocked the country, as could only be expected.

Some of the Legions are being recalled and are present on the streets of Axir. This is doing little to quell the tensions amongst the general populous.

The portal network is to be closed and ships will be the only way in or out for the foreseeable future.

We learned that about three weeks ago, all the faithful of the Seven in Axir suffered a strange event. The Longstorians became ferral, the Crowans became violent, as did the Kharachian. They seemed to forget their vows to the Gods, and some even excommunicated themselves. There are almost no followers of Crowa, Kharach or Longstor left in Axir, according to the Traldans. The other churches went to ground, as they would have been killed by the enraged legionnaires, or other faithful, had they not.

One of the Traldan priests who was with Licenia, had received a vision just before the faithful were afflicted. It was of a man with two faces, one smiling, one frowning, in black and white, laughing. I have a strong suspicion that Seraklan is behind whatever has happened. In the last three weeks, these effects have diminished, and the faithful are returning to normal.
31.12.18- Legionnaires and peasants fighting each other in a "blind rage", adventurers intervened by incapacitating the brawlers- the following attempts to break the effect;
Cleansing,remove corruption,lift, cure disease and purge poison.

The rage influence has spread across alot of Axir, blood samples collected for inspection.

Traldan found, he accompanied the adventurers to the traldan temple- barricaded from the inside, traldan primate managed to negotiate entry.
We then progressed on to the 'Temple', it turned out to be a cathedral to Tralda. Inside, to our suprise (praise be to Tralda) we found the Prelate of Tralda, Licenia Pacifius. She was with four other Traldans who had been seeking shelter in the cathedral. These five people have returned with us to Ithron, along with a Traldan kindred that we encountered earlier in the day.

Met with the Traldan Prelate, who feared for her life. She did not recognise the Traldan who accompanied the party, he was knocked unconscious, sereklanite holy symbol and dagger found among his possessions.
Illegal alchemy bearing the mark of the unicorn's was discovered (unknown when it was found)- potentially linked to the assassination of the Axirian politicians.
1/19 - Sereklanites are openly worshiping the lord of lies. Legionaires attacking villages to get them to join the legions.
‘We found a docks, and under magical and alchemical foretells, we scouted the dock andfound out that; someone named the Silent Knife, has sent Legion Captains via boat to the south of Amnor, they are then to head north-east, possibly towards the capital, and to disperse to regain contro lof the legions.’
One of the adventures that accompanied us to Axir was tortured today by heretics. And forced by truthtell to give information about the mission. I've been told he gave names of several other adventurers that were there, they will also be targets. I'm messaging many of them to warn them.

This is not good at all. This must be why Sereklanites all over the country are asking for great tale of heroism, hoping someone brags about our work there.
24/3/19 Letter being posted around Ithron through to April
Full letter - People of Ithron,
The church of Seraklan sends you it's greetings and felicitations, and the first proclamation of him Imperial Majesty, Pious I. Soon, the great Emperor shall extend his hand forth from Axir and reassert the divine right of Axir to rule over all of you. His commanders are already on their way back to your lands to take command of the legions, under the watchful gaze of their Seraklanite spiritual advisors, and a renewed fight against the demon and the cultist will ignite the passions of all who claim to wish to see an end to the Konn. There will be a new crusade, and this time the filth shall be swept before us until all are driven into the seas.

The Emperor has spoken, and so shall it be. Let all who oppose the Emperor's will be flayed of their flesh, and driven to ruin and despair.

Long live the Emperor
Glory to the Empire
Praise be to Seraklan.
7.4.19.- upon leaving the gate, adventurers met with confronted by a group of people, the group were defensive but spoke with the primate of Crowa. Members of this group eventually filtered away and left.

As the adventurers proceeded, they met resistance from the church of sereklan, they were openly preaching- executed on the spot.

The adventurers found a group of peasantry being attacked by the legionnaires, they were being presganged into working for the legion or die.

The nearest docks were scouted under fortell future, a figure by the title of "Silent Knife" has dispatched legion commanders to Amnor to push across the continent to regain control of the legions.

Adventurers returned to the gate, it was guarded by heavily armed sereklanites - location compromised, gate destroyed, rebuilt in secure location at a later date.
Sereklanite leaders corpse brought back for questioning.
My lord Archmage,

I am writing to you with a proposition that I hope you will give serious consideration. I am one of a small group of mages from the Imperial College, a group tasked with disaster recovery. When the Emperor was slain, we began to enact our protocols, and when fighting broke out in the capital, we fled and sealed the portal network behind us. The disaster recovery plan involved moving key volumes out of the library along with shortened versions of membership lists and current deployments. Functionaries were sent to every Imperial nation to maintain supply lines for those of the College in those nations. We have been the primary point of contact for Horace, Grey and Grahorn for the last few months.

We have done a full accounting of the College, and as best we can tell we number a few hundred at most. The lion's share are deployed with the legions, those not with the troops number maybe a few dozen at best. There are a handful of nobles and dignitaries across the Empire, a few in Ithron certainly, who hold rank within the College, but they are not what we would consider active members. In short, we are few in number and scattered.

Our proposition is this. We know from three adventurers that spoke to the current commander of the Praetorians yesterday that Ithronians have made their way to Axir, and we can only assume this is using Mithimese magic. I will be blunt, we do not care. Much as we are aware this presents a serious threat to the supremacy of Axirian magic, there are too few of us to exert serious force in defending our position and we have, to borrow an Ithronian phrase, bigger fish to fry. We need to establish access to the College again, and we need your help. In return for your aid, we are happy to put the College at your disposal for further forays into Axir if such is your wish. We are confident we can get a small group into the College grounds, along with whatever you need to build a Mithimese gateway there. Assuming the magics have held, the disaster recovery plan should have sealed the College to all external assault. Obviously, we have no way of knowing what interior assault it faced when fighting broke out, so there may yet be hostile mages present, there may not.

Assuming the compound is secure, we are prepared to share with you the secret ways in and out of the compound, and the necessary charms and codes to bypass the magical defenses. This would give you free access to the capital should you require it, alongside tunnels that will take you free of the city, about a half mile from the city limits. What we ask in return is the means to access the Mithimese gate you build so that we can retrieve more books and materials from the College with a view to future rebuilding. We are also willing to pay a party of your choosing to assist in this matter.

At your service,

Carlos de la Garra
Head of Recovery
19/4/19 the transcript from the interrogation of a slain Sereklanite brought back from Axir.

Do you know of your Churches plans in Southern Ithron? - Not specifically.
What are the plans of the other Dark Churches?-I neither know nor care.
What are your churches intentions towards Ithronian Adventurers visiting Axir? -Kill them.
How did your church gain the allegiance of Axir's Emperor? - We installed him. We feed him whores and wine, and he doesn't bother anyone.
How will your church gain the obedience of the Legion Commanders? -We won't.
Which route will the Seraklanites take back to the Legions? - They won't arrive. Only they know their route, they've been told to travel by land.
What is the long term aim of the Axirian Church? - We haven't got one. We expect to be dead inside 5 years. We have already achieved our only goal.
Where are any Seraklanite bases you know of? - We don't have any. We stay mobile.
How does the curse on Axir work? - Heightens the existing emotions to breaking point. When the Emperor died, everyone was either angry or scared, so they either rioted or hid. Those who didn't care were our kind of people and got recruited.
How can the curse on Axir be cured? -We already ended it.
What are the Emperor of Axirs plans? - To drink and eat himself into unconsciousness, and torture, fuck and kill whores.
Who is the Primate of Seraklan in Axir? - Naevia Cassus.
Who is the Primate of Seraklan in Ithron? - Some idiot out west.
What legions are in Axir itself? - None.
Can the Axirian Primate of Seraklan shapeshift? - No idea.
How does the Axirian Church contact the Ithronian Church? -We don't. We speak to individuals, not to organisations.
The Waystone to the Imperial college was destroyed upon our arrival.
We closed the original gate, the one that had been compromised, and established a replacement in the Imperial College itself within a chamber that is protected by various slaying spells (note: ensure everyone travelling through it is able to resist magics).
The Imperial College is now a shattered remnant of its former self. All those we encountered, were either insane, or had fallen to using practices that would have had them executed previously. If there is any senior leadership, it's most likely now the Head of Recovery.
Upon the mission to Axir (Same as above) we encountered a small group of people whom had barricaded themselves in a building (As alot of the populace were doing) Upon our entry into the building we were met with magics, poison and enchants. The people were dispatched, however unicorn alchemy were found upon their bodies (destroyed). Inside the building were several dead bodies that looked like they had been tortured
24.6.19. Ithronian adventurers intercepted an Axirian cohort in Amnor, under the sway of an sereklanite advisor. The advisor was executed and the wounded commander healed. His mind had been broken by alot of physical and emotional torture at the hands of the sereklanite.

Around this time similar missions went to Amnor to intercept various Sereklanite advisors concealed within various Legions, each legion attempting to travel across land to various parts of the Empire.
4.7.19- The palace is occupied and seems to be the centre of what passes for government activity. It is very clear that the Emperor is a figurehead at best. Those that come and go from the palace appear to be robed Sereklanites, presumably priests. The palace itself is home to Fygolians and Bequifisians in the main and seems to be a scene of near constant debauchery. The Emperor indulges in any manner of vices and periodically groups of prisoners are brought in from outside the city and are delivered to the palace to be tortured and maimed during one of the Emperor’s near constant parties. Rumours abound that the parties are also dark ceremonies to Bequifus and Fygol.

The churches are largely demolished now, the shrines long since fell into disrepair. The last church standing is the Traldan chapel in the grounds of the palace, and the shrine therein has been re-consecrated to Sereklan. Shrines to Fygol, Bequifus and Githas are dotted about the city in various buildings.

Order is kept by small patrols of what appear to be legionaries. They rarely speak, save to bark orders, and they do not seem especially capable of independent thought. The regular citizens are starting to drift back into the city, and some semblance of normal life is coming back. People are accepting the new regime for what it is, some are even joining one of the heretic churches.

There have been attacks on the guards by small bands of rebels, mainly Traldans leading regular citizens. The attacks rarely go well, and the rebels are clearly outmatched and inadequately armed.
Pathfinder William Falstaff
Lord Mayor of Ithron

01/09/18-30/06/19 Seax lindsen
01/09/17 - 31/08/18: Daniel Matthews
01/09/15 - 31/08/17 : Yorbaster Duggly