The Call to Duty

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The Call to Duty

Post by Ulfarr » 18 Jul 2019, 10:30

Right folks,

So - we know now there's something big coming up where we can make an impact on the world.

It's time to step up.

All over the country, we've been heading out abroad, getting information, doing good work. Now is the time to share that information, make plans, strategies.

We have Lady Brienne's summary of events up to now, use this - organise with your local adventurers, share anything you think is relevant. If where you are nobody is getting it together - be that person.

Our enemies are many, they are powerful, and they are ready.

But us? We have each other. We have motivation, should be seek to use it. We CAN stop them. We need only to look to each other and present a united force.

Elf, Dwarf, Halfling, Orc - it doesn't matter what you are or whatever grievances you have for now. The enemy will kill you all the same as the rest, if they can. Put them all aside until the task is done.

I don't care if you fight for money, for the gods, for your friends. I don't care how you do it - with words, with swords, with spells. It doesn't matter.

It matters only that you FIGHT.

For the Seven,
For Ithron,
For the King

- Jack.
Jack Fletcher
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Re: The Call to Duty

Post by CautiousOne » 18 Jul 2019, 15:13

It's estimated that sixteen members of my Church will be present. Kindred, Knights, Devoted and Priests included in that number.

And I think I can speak for them all. We'll fight if nessesary - and we'll win.

~ Max
Grundig Sailbearer


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Re: The Call to Duty

Post by Luna » 18 Jul 2019, 17:43

I enjoyed that speech very much so. Your words are spot on, we are better together with knowledge shared than alone.
Luna Fairchild, Master Necromancer and Magistrate

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Re: The Call to Duty

Post by Halfpint3896 » 18 Jul 2019, 22:21

I also come. Help scout.

Zira Wrath-DeCurzon-Liberace-Fist.
Zira Wrath-DeCurzon-Liberace-Fist.
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Re: The Call to Duty

Post by Reaver91 » 18 Jul 2019, 22:26

Stirring words, Captain Fletcher!
If we put our hearts, our bodies and our minds to it, there is no task that we cannot accomplish.
United we stand, divided we fall!

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Re: The Call to Duty

Post by Lauraanne » 19 Jul 2019, 17:19


I will only be a baby priest but I will help where I can! Praise be the 7, praise be Longstor!

*drawn smiley face and ukulele*
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Re: The Call to Duty

Post by Rlockeart » 19 Jul 2019, 21:36

I'll be there... Better be paying well for this.
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Re: The Call to Duty

Post by EamonCragg » 20 Jul 2019, 00:14

Too bloody right...
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