Badger Company: Expulsion

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Re: Badger Company: Expulsion

Post by Lukey » 05 Sep 2019, 00:44

End of day,

Ithrons biggest problem aint made up demons, especially if they should just be left alone to do what they want cause they strong.

Its Snitches.

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Re: Badger Company: Expulsion

Post by James Howland » 05 Sep 2019, 07:33

yeah, that an' Hollyhead Harpies supporters, they're proper wrong'uns an' all.

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Re: Badger Company: Expulsion

Post by F'aalkir » 18 Sep 2019, 11:27

TimC wrote:
03 Sep 2019, 23:45
graham t wrote:
03 Sep 2019, 20:58
Probably not Archmage. Attacking with the intent to destroy something is different to antagonising something you know, from experience, you cannot harm.

Again I'll ask those better versed in the demon. Was this one in the compound immune to enchanted weapons? Could it be struck infinitely with no effect?
Forgemaster Sir,

To answer your question, this particular demon would not have been immune to enchanted weapons, and would have been sent to Sharda, however, it would merely have been inconvenienced, and should it have chosen to, depending on certain limitors due to the Pact, could have just repeatedly returned as many times as it was sent back.

The only way to have stoped it would have been to strike a fatal blow to it in sharda, or for it to have been bound to the plane through magic and then struck a fatal blow. It would have depended on a demonologist with knowledge of the spell having had it written up, as it is a taxing spell in terms of dedicated soulfire. Add to that knowledge of it is restricted by the Undercouncil, so indo not know if those present would have knowledge of the spell.

I hope that helps,
From what I was told of this demon, if we were to attack it (as I nearly was as I had an enchanted weapon), my head would most likely end up in Tholon, my leg in Ethron, another leg in Axir, and so on. This is why I personally did not attack.
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