Summer Gathering

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Summer Gathering

Post by GM Mercenaries » 02 Sep 2019, 16:22

During the Summer Gathering I received complaints from various adventures as to the behaviour of 2 mercenaries from the Badger Company. During the meeting of delegates, I received reports of then exceeding their authority. These reports have been investigated by my Guild Protector, and along with various other incidences that we believe have brought the Guild of Mercenaries into disrepute, we sought and received permission of the The Under Council to have James Howland and Greg Oldham expelled from the Guild of Mercenaries and all ties between the Guild and the Badger Company are to be severed.

To the Under Council, and anybody that was affected by their behaviour during the Gathering I offer my most fullest and sincerest apology.

If anybody attending the Gathering was affected by their behaviour wishes to contact me regarding this issue, feel free to send a message to my roost.

Note- I have been informed by the Pathfinder of the Scouts Guild that he will be upholding the dishonorable discharge as is tradition between our two guilds.
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