What has happened?

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What has happened?

Post by Rymania » 02 Sep 2019, 19:36

Brothers, Sisters, Friends,

Assistance is required, I have returned to Ithron after a few years pilgrimage.

I have given my former possessions to my church, and am pursuing a path of Faith as one of Lady Traldas priests.

Much has changed in my absence, can anyone fill me in on recent events?

Many thanks, and may the lady smile on you all,

Yours in Faith,

Brother Ridley
Ridley Strider
Father Priest of Tralda
Proprietor of the Den of Iniquity
Chaser of Douglas
Aider of peasants

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Re: What has happened?

Post by CaldenofTralda » 02 Sep 2019, 21:13

Brother Ridley, I am sure the Church can help and if needs be feel free to contact me by pidgeon

Father StormCrow ,

Praise be to Tralda
Caldan StormCrow,
High Father of our Lady Tralda,
Chaplain of Sir Gibson Hutchingtons Household,
Aid of the Poor,
Cracker of Crabs.

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