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Re: Craters

Post by garratt89 » 09 Sep 2019, 17:54

Curses! Why did i miss this for administrative purposes! Could you scribble some notes as to what happened yesterday please
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Re: Craters

Post by Colfer » 09 Sep 2019, 21:08

Just some further information, I conducted as many tests as I know and the sample I had did not bare any fruit as it were.

But I must stress please adhere to the advice of an Alchemist that may be with you, if they are unsure and shy away it would be wise to follow course. Report this to the landowner and law persons. Eyes and feet on the ground. If something did happen and the Alchemist was made to use their Alchemy to help due to not being listened to, I wouldn't begrudge them for charging someone for wasting alchemy.

I am currently focusing on trying to find the people who are laying in wait, maybe stables that had suspicious people loitering around.

If anyone to whom is not trained in Alchemical arts, please send any sample you may have to be tested and checked. It may yield nothing of note but best to be vigilant, perhaps something will pop up.

Thank you kindly for reading.

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