What is a Banshee?

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What is a Banshee?

Post by Pictanius7 » 16 Sep 2019, 00:13

Not to make much of a important announcement however it gave me my curiosity.

what exactly is a banshee?
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Re: What is a Banshee?

Post by DOF Kharach » 16 Sep 2019, 01:03

Completely natural creatures of Longstor. They eat the remains of the fallen and decayed to ensure a complete return to the cycle.

They kinda look and smell like undead birds.

Stupidly territorial mind, and apparently their screams are nasty. Never heard one, not sure I want too.

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Re: What is a Banshee?

Post by King Katanova » 16 Sep 2019, 07:57

I felt the banshee's scream firsthand Silas, it is not an experience i wish tae fall ontae Adventurers. I pray i dinae have tae be part of another group witt has tae put one down. I'm very surpised how they are said tae be natural.

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Re: What is a Banshee?

Post by graham t » 16 Sep 2019, 08:06

It's not that they are said to be natural, captain, it's that they absolutely are natural. The Defender of Kharachs faith is exactly correct on that front. I am unsure if they are Longstors creatures any more than a human is, though, although they do have a preference to dwell in wild and forgotten places which may give rise to this belief.

We encountered one in Kirk Leigh that had been trapped by a foul group of ne'er do wells to some evil end no doubt and we were lucky enough to be able to free it.
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Re: What is a Banshee?

Post by bequietbailey » 16 Sep 2019, 09:23

Defender, the one we encountered in Dun Lirron seemed closer to Bovine or Equine than bird
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Re: What is a Banshee?

Post by Lord_A384 » 16 Sep 2019, 13:04

I feel its important for me to nudge in here, with reference to the one found in Dun Lirron.

Just because something is natural doesn't mean it's good.

We kill foxes that take chickens, wolves that take lambs, and kites that steal ducks.

Bogs and sucking mud are natural too, but we still chuck stones in them because they're dangerous.

We can, and should, kill banshees when they encroach on us.
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Re: What is a Banshee?

Post by Xenni » 16 Sep 2019, 16:08

I was told they were, Forgemaster. The information may be wrong. Either way, they do a job and fulfill a part of Longstors Cycle.

I have always known a Banshee to be birdlike, if it is otherwise I'm sure whoever is keeping a bestiary would appreciate an update and I'd like a few more details myself.

If you can, leave a Banshee to its devices. Go around it, find it a corpse to feed upon, show it peace. If it is encroaching on to your lands or the roads, have at them. Their territorial nature means they will not be driven off, simply into hiding to regain their strength.
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Re: What is a Banshee?

Post by Sir Rex Manning » 16 Sep 2019, 16:39

Banshee is not bird like.

Its got a horses head, or at least the one I saw did. Got vicious looking claws too.

Just a natural creature with a bit more sense than most. Can't say if it understood me, but left me alone and look thankful for Longstors blessing.

Some idiot did something to its nest or something like that. It screamed at him, a lot of us writhed around on the floor and it took off after said idiot. Dunno if it got him and don't care either.

So please folks, don't go killing them. I reckon they can be reasoned with, kind of, or at least tempted away with a better meal or whatever elsewhere.

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Re: What is a Banshee?

Post by lord dollery » 16 Sep 2019, 16:51

Pictanius7 wrote:
16 Sep 2019, 00:13
Not to make much of a important announcement however it gave me my curiosity.

what exactly is a banshee?
Mostly whats been said before.


* Natural creature, not specifically a creature of Longstor. Those of that Church who I have seem commune with them have struggled due to their strong will and territorial nature.
* As far as I am aware I have only ever seen female Banshee's, i'm not sure if males exist in their species, but Mothers are extremely protective of their territory, especially if they have "Shee-lings" about (Not a legitimate name, I just made it up but it sounds cute)
* Long, skeletal, horselike face. This, coupled with the strong smell of death and decay can cause many inexperienced adventurers to mistake these creatures as undead.
* They have long, claw like fingers. I cannot recall if they're sharp enough to pierce armour like butter, but they're nasty in a fight.
* They can wail and scream, causing those in an area around to them to fall to the ground in extreme pain, they can do this multiple times in a short space of time that I have seen.
* They are often clad in rags or rough clothing, scraps of what they've eaten.
* They can move quite quickly, striking hard and fast with their claws, but mostly in an attempt to ward off trespassers.
* Silver is poison to them, and as such they're vulnerable to silvered weapons.
* Banshees are one of the types of creatures I have seen most attempted to be used, captured and corrupted by evil forces. I know that the Church of Krygan and Benquifis have attempted to capture, and force these creatures into their service.
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Re: What is a Banshee?

Post by paul_austin » 16 Sep 2019, 18:13

King Katanova wrote:
16 Sep 2019, 07:57
I'm very surpised how they are said tae be natural.
An owl is natural, however I suspect to a field mouse they are quite the monsters.

As others have said banshees are dangerous and territorial, if you don't want to kill one, take a mobility and give it a show of force, usually drives them away.
Of course it's often worth finding out what has driven them away from the unravelled parts.
It may be they have been driven from their homes and seek a new hunting ground.
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