For those looking to hire large groups of Mercs or Scouts.

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Pinned to every local noticeboard in Ithron. (Anyone can read this from a local fisherman to the Primate of Abraxis)
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For those looking to hire large groups of Mercs or Scouts.

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To those interested in hiring large groups of mercs or scouts to reinforce adventurers or militia activities.

Due to some recent events it has been deemed fit that some very basic sort of guide be written up. There are more extensive and detailed versions of this in the Mercs Library (That's right we have one) if anyone wishes a copy please ask a member of the Merc leadership.

While the Mercs and Scouts guilds can usually handle themselves pretty well in a scrap there are some things it is unfair to expect of us. As a result a short guide/list has been written up to advise those wishing to hire military support. This is done with the aim of preventing deaths and ensuring the success of whatever mission you are attempting to accomplish.

Firstly it is advised that for every group of Mercs or Scouts you are hiring there should be at the very least one physician or Vleyborian to aid in healing. It is also advised to hire at least one Mage as well as this can cover a few enchanted weapons, lifts e.t.c
It is also expected that the Mercs or Scouts should have one being of Master rank or Guild Senior to ensure that there is some sort of cohesion and order to the force.
If you are hiring a large force, say around 75-100 then it would be wise to increase the numbers of physicians, mages and high ranked mercs as well. Otherwise you'll probably end up with alot of dead and quite possibly a failed objective

  • If you are hiring to fight undead it is expected that alongside whatever number of mercenaries or scouts you are hiring you would also hire either a necromancer or other mage of suitable rank that enchanted weapons or destruction spells are available. A Kharachian is also a valid addition for this.
  • If you are hiring to fight demonic forces then it is expected that a demonologist is also hired. Not many Mercs or Scouts can see demonological in nature so one of the red school is very useful, probably crucial.

  • If you are hiring to fight heretical forces then one of the Sidhean faith is often very useful. If they are unavailable the followers of the other churches are also just as good

As you can see, this is a very basic list and those with battle field knowledge will already be very aware of this. But for those that don't possess this knowledge. Please don't hire cheap. We in the mercs guild often lay our lives down in defense of Ithron and to defeat the evil that walks this land. But we'd rather do this for a just reason and not because someone didn't want to pay a mage or a physician.

Thank you.
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