State of the Tisa Valley

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Dave D
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State of the Tisa Valley

Post by Dave D » 25 Jun 2019, 21:54

Let it be know that the former Duke Richard du Conyers is now stripped of his title and all privileges that go with it. A warrant for his arrest is now in place for the crime of treason. Signed by the King, the Arch duke and the rest of the Duke congress.

After investigation from several adventurers proof came to light that he, and members of his militia, are agents of the Konn. It appears that he has been acting against Ithron since his return 15 years ago and had agents well placed. As such the Tisa Valley has suffered greatly in one night.

Information is still coming in but here a list of what is known currently.

• At least 80% of all the guards and foresters in the Tisa Valley have been murdered
• From Billingsholme to Wyldtown the Alchemical Labs have all been sabotaged. Du Pont, ICI, Alta Vista and Dow were all hit.
• Baron Montgommery Du Neville, Baron Charles du Howard, Baroness Evanlyn Du Percy have been murdered. Baron Pilkington Wingate is believed dead. An attempt was made on myself, Baron Adam du Brus, but failed. In this case the perpetrators were dressed as militia with demonically possessed support.
• The blacksmith forge buildings have burnt down. Appears that any steel there has been taken.
• The Harbour at Redcairn is held by troops in plan grey tabbards. All small ships have been burnt any large ships are missing. This is the same for the Harbour at Hartness.
• The Mithimese gate to Nerese that is at Little Nippon at Middlesborne was held by demons. This was taken back by adventurers but is probably still vulnerable.
• The main mercs and scouts guild buildings have been attacked. Survivors have little equipment left.
• A number of hospitals have been attacked and supplies taken. Only those with shrines were left alone.
• A number of mages appear to have been assassinated. And their guild building in Middlesborn has been destroyed.
• The Griffin Keep at Stokes Market has been attacked.
• Darlingdale is now closed. All the gates are closed with no one getting in or out. Grey tabarded militia stand on the walls standing side by side with demons. All the defences are manned.

As the the highest ranking noble left alive in the Tisa Valley I will attempt to rally forces and defend where needed and rebuild elsewhere. But I am an old man and must ask for aid from all that can.

Sir Adam du Brus
Knight of the Black order

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Re: State of the Tisa Valley

Post by Reaver91 » 25 Jun 2019, 23:13

My lord, I was part of the group that was recently hired to investigate the matters regarding the state of Tisa Valley.

I can confirm that the Guards and Foresters were poisoned, via food and drink.

I urge all to have a Rolborian use the miracle of their Lord to purify any supplies you believe to be tainted by anything that would bring harm.

I cannot stress this enough, do not eat anything you are not 100% of.

We will push back this Konnish menace, through any means necessary.

Yours, with faith,
High Guildsman Alchemist
Finnian "Skittles" Skalitz

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Re: State of the Tisa Valley

Post by Woody » 25 Jun 2019, 23:40

Sir Adam du Brus

The camp of Catreath is equally filled with grey tabard people some of whom are possessed by demons much like Darlindale as well as a large tent with a large demonic aura

The members of the school with us assumed the most likely option was a portal.

Wulfric of the Mages Guild

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Re: State of the Tisa Valley

Post by Enacus » 26 Jun 2019, 00:05

Please lets stop discussion here and do things more privately.

To the populace note for those reading this Ithrone is the holy land and one that will fight the forces of sharder and Konn, as our good King Robert does, where ever they shall rise. Sir Adam du Brus has out out a call to arms. All is not to dispare, if you need to leave people do so. If not and you wish to help further instructions will come.

Please dont riot and help your neighbours and each other keep. As group you are better than stand alone or as few.

Sir Ash Stoctown of Seatown
Longstorian Kindred
Member Du Pont
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Nick of Lirron
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Re: State of the Tisa Valley

Post by Nick of Lirron » 26 Jun 2019, 00:07

Sir Ash if you could contact me regarding the additional matter affecting Tisa Valley at your convenience I'd be happy to lend a hand.

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Re: State of the Tisa Valley

Post by Guards Captain » 04 Jul 2019, 22:22

What the sweet fuckery!

Guards Captain
Guards Captain

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