Trials and Judgements of note

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Pinned to every local noticeboard in Ithron. (Anyone can read this from a local fisherman to the Primate of Abraxis)
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Trials and Judgements of note

Post by Knight Commander » 27 Aug 2019, 16:11

Citizens of Ithron,

On the XXV day of Shielding, Douglas of Attwater was brought before a judicial trial on the charges of the Capital Crime of Treason, and the Major Crimes of Witchcraft and Practising Guild Secrets (i.e., Mage Guild).

The Judicial Panel has ruled that Mr Douglas was not guilty of the charges of Treason and Practising Guild Secrets. He was, however, found guilty of Witchcraft and has received an appropriate sentencing and fair punishment under Ithronian Law.

As a reminder of the Law, acting against the legal administration of Ithron, or attempts to limit the power of a Guild or Church beyond what the Law prescribes, is Treason and shall be punished appropriately.

Subsequent to this trial, the Archmage was then accused and tried for assault of Douglas of Attwater. He was found guilty and duly fined for his actions, as proscribed by the Law.

Again, as a reminder, only Lawmen (and at times Guild Protectors/Church Defenders) have the powers of arrest. Other citizens do NOT have such powers, and any claiming such may be tried for the Capital Crime of Corruption.

In devotion and service,

Sir Sinjen, Knight Commander; with agreement from High Primate Jakaleel and Mayor Falstaff.
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Re: Trials and Judgements of note

Post by Beki » 27 Aug 2019, 16:43

Am glad to see this was all done by book of law, Sir Sinjen.

Teelo xx
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