Looking for Healing Alchemy

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George Stoker
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Looking for Healing Alchemy

Post by George Stoker » 19 Sep 2019, 23:15

I am once more looking for potions of healing: I am not having much luck it would seem on recent outtings!
Specifically I'm looking for...

Five Potions of Heal Body
Five Potions of Heal Limb
Five Potions of Purge Poison

Or around those sort of quantities, though I most desire the Purge Poison Potions.
If any Alchemist can help me and can contact me privately I would give my thanks.

Long life and good health,
Sehkemut of MithAzuRa
Sehkemut Of Mith'Azu'Ra
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George Stoker (NE 0179)

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