Need the assistance of a Priest of Kharach

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Need the assistance of a Priest of Kharach

Post by CaldenofTralda »

I would by all fortunes,have the need talk to a Priest of Kharach. I am in possession of a Relic of His Lords Church . Due to my duty when this relic was given too me. I have infact dishonoured The Keeper of the Halls religious duties. I am in Sin and need absolution from a priest of the Lord Kharach.

Praise be to Kharach and Praise be to the Seven
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Re: Need the assistance of a Priest of Kharach

Post by mcbale »

High Father, while I am not yet able to perform the miracle of absolution. Should you still be need at the beginning of the new month, I will be able to assist then.
Though I am sure one of my senior colleagues will be with you before long.
Seb McKormick
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Re: Need the assistance of a Priest of Kharach

Post by TaurisWren »

Send me a missive. I can help if needed

In faith
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