For the attention of the heretic Colin Fletcher

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Re: For the attention of the heretic Colin Fletcher

Post by paul_austin » 24 Sep 2018, 15:19

silentbunny wrote:
24 Sep 2018, 14:13
JWarne wrote:
24 Sep 2018, 13:58
yes, still a Primate and not currently branded as a heretic
Wait, did he have his brand removed? You yourself stated he was branded and flogged.

A. Reali
I believe there was a misunderstanding surrounding the aftermath of the trial where my Lord was away and it was thought he was being branded, however as per the directions from the chief justice no punishment has been handed out until the appeal is heard unless the convicted has accepted their punishment.

As I said previously let us leave this message here with thanks for the warning.
If any of you have further questions or concerns I suggest you follow the correct routes and contact your representation on the council's.

A good day to all
Sidney Blanchard
School of Enchantment

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Re: For the attention of the heretic Colin Fletcher

Post by PR Longstor » 24 Sep 2018, 15:54


Which part of the country were these heretics encountered, and on which earls lands?

Also, my name is spelt with 2 'l's I'd hate for the wrong Collin/Colin to catch the flak for my actions.

Primate T Green

Before 16/06/19 - Primate Fletcher

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