Admittance and appology

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Admittance and appology

Post by PR Longstor » 25 Sep 2018, 13:04

To all across the land,

Herein is an apology to the peoples of this great nation. Regardless on your stance or view on the matters revolving around the council's vote last month, there can be no doubt that it has cause upset and strife across the land.

In the Archduke's own words this is an 'unprecedented' situation and there are strong views on each side. But from an outside perspective, heresy or not, it is clear the actions of the council were misguided and wrong. As such we must be punished.

It is with great wisdom, I feel, that the Archduke has chosen a course which will satisfy the majority of the people of this land:

A new law of 'Blasphemy' has/will be instated across the land, designed to punish those who bring reputational damage to their churches. A crime to which I openly and unreservedly admit my guilt. I have wronged the church, and the people of these lands, through my short-sighted desire to help a friend and fellow of faith I foolishly failed to see the wider impact of my actions.

I am sorry for the part I played in the troubles in weeks past. Seeing the trouble I helped seed, and weathering the treatment I have received since, I will bear scars of sorrow that will last until my body is returned to the cycle. I only hope you can find room in your hearts and minds to forgive, or at least grant me a chance to redeem myself.

I will now set about doing what I can to repay my debt to the crown, the faithful and the people. To my knowledge the crown has an adequate a arduous task in mind for me to complete. As far as the other go, time will tell.

It is my understanding that in the Archduke's grace, wisdom and mercy, the charge of 'heresy' is to be lifted from me and I will thus not be branded. But my future is, as it has always truly been, in the hands of the faithful of Longstor.

Kindest regards and in Faith,
Primate T Green

Before 16/06/19 - Primate Fletcher

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