I need help from a fellow Tralda

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Re: I need help from a fellow Tralda

Post by Darooke » 01 Nov 2018, 01:23

So everybody can get my context,
I saw a chance to be given power from tralda to help my follow advantagers in times of trouble.
To speak my true name seemed a little cost to help my follow adventures.
A game of chance dicided I should take the blade, easy to think that was the lady's luck in play.

I grabbed the blade and after a month I found sums of money go missing and I could use powers the blade did not revile it had when asked.

After many talks with others of magic and religion I come to realise the blade is one of the dark 6 and not Tralda like the blade keeps telling us.

I do promise under the eyes of Tralda I will not use the weapon and it's powers unless it's a matter of life and death.

I understand the error of my ignorance and I will do what I can to reverse all the trouble this lieing blade has made.

I have payred to tralda and I wait to hear her voice on what I should do.
I plan to take on any quest she asks of me.

I again say sorry to you all.
Dr Abert B. Carl-duke Eirl Francis G. the 18th
......not my name I'm sure you understand.
Doctor Medicus Ad Mortus.
"Can I take a sample?"

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