Priest of Vleybor (Vampirism)

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Priest of Vleybor (Vampirism)

Post by Kaelin » 03 Nov 2018, 21:02

Whilst adventuring today I was bitten by a greater vampire. I would like to speak to a priest of Vleybor about removing the disease if there is any that can perform this.

Thank you
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Re: Priest of Vleybor (Vampirism)

Post by SM Necromancy » 03 Nov 2018, 23:02

Please note that the vampire must be destroyed for the Vleyborian Cure to work, and this needs to be completed within one month of the bite.

If this is not possible, I can help, but there are material costs that are far more expensive than the Vleyborian method (so use me as a last resort).



Edit - Just read the news from Northolme, which I assume was this one.

All the same, hope you have a speedy recovery.


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Re: Priest of Vleybor (Vampirism)

Post by PR Crowa » 04 Nov 2018, 05:10

Yes school master it was that Vampire.

There are a few more that suffered the same misfortune as the captain. One of my devotees, Doctor Envin Willowmight. And maybe a few others.

Thank you for any assistance.
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Re: Priest of Vleybor (Vampirism)

Post by Notanecta » 06 Nov 2018, 09:58

PM sent.
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