Nikolaus’ Note

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Nikolaus’ Note

Post by SantaBeardG » 26 May 2019, 22:10

Today a note was found on the desk of Chaplain Alfred Nikolaus:

“My fellow adventurers and dear friends,

I must leave immediately to deal with a personal matter. I don’t think I will ever return.
I resign from my position.

In my room, you will find some of my belongings.
To the Crowan church, I donate:
1 Dagger
1 Short sword
1 Small shield
1 Greatsword
2 Venom Oils

To the Rose Order, I donate:
1 Ghoril dagger, to be passed on to the next Chaplain
1 Heal Body Potion

Crowa give me strength. May the light lead my church to better times.


The Chaplain is nowhere to be found. All that we can find is this note, a pile of adventuring equipment and a smelly piece of leather thonging under his pillow.

Signed, Portsdean Rose Abbey
Alchemist Willy
Be good to others

Before August 2019, Mr. Brown
Before May 2019, Chaplain High Father Nikolaus

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Re: Nikolaus’ Note

Post by JWarne » 26 May 2019, 23:53

I had the pleasure of having a visit from Father Nikolaus before he left. He believes his children may still be alive and he has gone north to find them.

I did point him toward Chaplain Carlin and Defender Mordrid if he was going far to the north, so hopefully they will get a visit.

I wish him well. I will miss seeing him in the Hiring square, but it is something he wants to do, and if that is where his heart pulls him, it's something he should do.

Thank you, Chaplain. I was lucky enough to be close enough to help in your first days as Chaplain, and I was extremely happy to watch your growth within the church.

May you continue to grow, and may Crowa smile upon you always.

May your cup never run dry, Nikolaus. I will raise a cup to you every night.

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