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Crowan scrolls

Posted: 31 May 2019, 20:05
by theboy9690
I am looking for the cost of a few scrolls

Crowan strength (i believe this is what it is called and priests use it as they may not wear armour)

Bless weapon

Re: Crowan scrolls

Posted: 31 May 2019, 23:20
by Jamie Mac
Cecil, the costs that would have to be repaid to the church would be in the order of perhaps eight crowns for a charged scroll of bless weapon and twice that for a charged scroll of strength.

The time to inscribe and dedicate such scrolls would be a little under two months and six months respectively. These can, of course, only be cast by other members of the faith.

Strength is a very powerful blessing that the Lady of Blades grants us, so the person creating the scroll would have to quest faithfully for her approval to complete the process, such is the magnitude of the attempt.

I would not count creating a charged scroll of strength as being the most efficient use of time in prayer, merely for the sake of having such a power in emergencies as it is so specific.

If your wish for this additional endurance were for a particularly important endeavour then it would be noticeably easier to seek the blessing from a priest in person, instead, if one was available.

If there is further complexity or importance to your request that I've overlooked then please let me know.

In faith,

Re: Crowan scrolls

Posted: 03 Jun 2019, 08:47
by theboy9690
The strength was due to me standing with a griffen knight who called upon a miracle and was unable to wear armour, as she was unable to be assisted at that time is my belief. it is more for a large gathering.