Seeking prayers for all the faithful

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Re: Seeking prayers for all the faithful

Post by Xenni » 15 Jun 2019, 10:47

Taiven has reminded me of my mother's prayer.
My Mothers Prayer wrote:Each of the Seven guides our days, and so we thank each one in turn.
Vleybor, for the life we lead and our health.
Longstor, for the bounty which sustains us and brings us hope.
Rolbor, for the knowledge of our crafts, trades and what not to eat.
Tralda, for those lucky breaks, unfortunate trips and for caring for those who are low.
Crowa, for the protection of those who would end us before our time and for the courage granted in times of need.
Sidhe, for the free will, to lead our own lives with our own judgement.
And finally, Kharach, for when all is done he is the guardian of the soul, granting rest and joy eternal.

The light of the Seven shines brightest in the faithful, and we are blessed to be surrounded by Priests to guide for us, Devotees to defend us, and Kindred to aid us.

Praises to the Seven.
Anna Bower - The Implacable.
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Re: Seeking prayers for all the faithful

Post by ShaunL » 16 Jun 2019, 06:53

Faith in Longstor - High Father Lowlife Half-orc

To answer what does our faith do for people of Ithron,
you must first ask:
What does Longstor do for the people of Ithron?
When a hungry child reaches up and plucks an apple from a tree, Longstor provides.
When a hungry man brings down a deer that will feed his family, Longstor provides.
When men are cold and need wood for fires and for cooking, Longstor provides.
When men fell trees to build homes for there families,
Longstor provides.
When men make linen from flax to clothe there children,
Longstor provides.
When men need leather to make stout boots or armour,
Longstor provides.
The seasons that make the crops grow?
Longstor provides.
The yew bough that makes a fine bow?
The ash pole on which you put a spearhead? Longstor provides.
The reeds that make thatch for your roof? Longstor provides.

What does a prayer to Longstor do?
It says thank you.

What does service to Longstor do?
It tries to repay Lord Longstor for everything he provides us.

What does our faith do for people of Ithron?
Faith is to show Longstor we are grateful. If we fail to show proper respect and gratitude, perhaps he would no longer provide.

Praise be To Longstor
Praise be to The Seven.
High Father Lowlife Half-Orc
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Re: Seeking prayers for all the faithful

Post by CautiousOne » 23 Jun 2019, 20:55

Thank you everyone.

These may help turn the tide against the dark in Ynal.

~ Max
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