The Crowan holyday of the Crusade

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The Crowan holyday of the Crusade

Post by garratt89 » 05 Jul 2019, 10:39

On this day we celebrate victory and sacrifice, we remember those who answered the call of Lady Crowa and stood for those who could not. We remember the great evils that have ravaged Arda and the Heroes who opposed tyranny. We shall sing praise for the courage in ourselves and each other and inspire the coming generations to do the same.

Lady Crowa on this day, i ask that you reach out to the demoralised legionnaires and give them the courage to take up arms and return to the defence of the Empire. Many rely on their shields to keep the evil of the Konnish, off the doorsteps of innocence.

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Re: The Crowan holyday of the Crusade

Post by CautiousOne » 05 Jul 2019, 21:41

Praise be to the Lady who guards our heart and body from the demon. Praise be to her who ensures that should anyone stand, they never do so alone.

Praises be to the maiden of battle.
The protector, the skilled.

May she stand with you all. The Legions, the soldiers of all nations and all who live in the light.

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