Liche near Meadhampstede

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Liche near Meadhampstede

Post by Whiteraven » 08 Jul 2019, 14:10

In 2 weeks’ time (Sunday 21st Highsummer) myself and Lady Elise of Hurnfort intend to confront and destroy a liche that has been plaguing the Deepwater Fen.

As I understand it, the destruction conditions are rather complex and there is only a narrow margin for any error with our current configuration.

Any aid, especially from any visiting Kharachians or perhaps members of the School of Necromancy, would be most useful in destroying this blight - an abomination with a taste for the souls of priests.

My thanks for any help offered or received.

In devotion and service,

Sir Sinjen.
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Re: Liche near Meadhampstede

Post by Rlockeart » 09 Jul 2019, 21:41

What's the pay?
Abelas 'Abbey' E'Nasal

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Re: Liche near Meadhampstede

Post by Caliban » 13 Jul 2019, 21:35

Sir Sinjen

Should all go accordingly, I intend to travel to Meadhampstede an assist with this monster.

I do not know how much assistance I may be, but Meadhampstede is far too close to Norvic to not come and help. Especially if the Fiend sees fit to spread his influence.

I will see if any more of my local fellows will be willing to come along as well. All the more to slay the beast.
~ Caliban Rose
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OOC; Will Porter, Norwich Branch

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