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Re: Shadow Knight

Post by GGCrick » 16 Aug 2019, 03:35

Apprentice Hirst,

I am sorry to hear that such an abomination has reared its head within your region. We recently suffered such a creature in Norvic; losing some damn good people to it and its hoard.

The shadow knight is an undead abomination whose heart is stored away from its body. This black cold heart must be laid to rest to destroy the creature we discovered to our sorrow. Having thought to it destroyed the creature on several occasions would return.

Find the heart, put down the knightly form and lay the heart to rest.

The creature we faced had the ability to inflict disease, choke you in a fashion similar to a wraith, strike you down, send you running in fear and other spells that I cannot recall.

We put it down once, it disappeared into nothing yet we fought it again later the same afternoon! It had a lot of hits in such a fashion that a team of well drilled fighters were needed to put it down each and every time.

From a religious standpoint I can say that my holy water had no obvious effect on the beast. I could see that my dismisses affected the creature, but I never found out how much mana was required to put it down in this fashion.

I pray that you have more success in fighting the creature than we did in Norvic.

May the Seven guard you,

Edmund. P. McKrackin,

High Father of Rolbor,
Steward of the Scroll.
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Re: Shadow Knight

Post by Ragnarock954 » 10 Sep 2019, 11:32

We now have the method required for the destruction of this particular abomination, what created it and it's goals. It is a shadow knight that was made from the fall of ithron to the axirian empire. We need to destroy his banner, and likely in the process destroying his lieutenants. Any information on it's combat abilities would be greatly appreciated if known.
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