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Farewell to Primate of Karach

Posted: 27 Aug 2019, 10:21
by ShaunL
For those dat no noe, Primate of Karach Tylyra Stone have retired from adventurin.

I don't fink she is akchooly dead but not noe how it work.

A Hulda of Karach met our party juss as we gettin reddy to return from da mission in Tholon. It tell Tylara dat she is to join black choir figtin undead on plains of death. She say her goodbyes to frends in party, den they go.

As dey walk away, both Primate and Hulda fade like ghosts until dey were gone.

This seem like grate honnor so try not to be sad.

Re: Farewell to Primate of Karach

Posted: 27 Aug 2019, 10:46
by DOF Kharach
Wow... it actually happened then... she went and joined them...

Tylyra has not passed into our lord's halls, she has joined forces with The Black Choir - an incredibly old Kharachian order devoted to destroying the undead. Those who know me, know my holy symbol is a gift from them, and know of the power held within.

She has found new purpose, and the choir seem to have always kept an eye on her and I can only guess at their intent - but I know she is safe with them.

I know you can't see this and I don't know if you got my last raven, but I will do all I can to make you proud Ty. You will be missed.

Praise be to the patient Lord.

Re: Farewell to Primate of Karach

Posted: 27 Aug 2019, 16:10
by Elanor
I'll miss seeing her about, she's a top human. Sounds like she's off doing something great though.

I'll head over to see Two-Jobs with a bottle or two.

Best wishes
Tiffin Goodbread

Re: Farewell to Primate of Karach

Posted: 27 Aug 2019, 19:53
by Jerimia Cotton
Oh no, Primate Ty was a really nice Human. She always made me feel safe on missions in body and soul.

I hope she has fun with this choir thing, I've heard her sing in prayer loads of times, she has a nice singing voice.


Re: Farewell to Primate of Karach

Posted: 27 Aug 2019, 21:01
by GM Mercenaries
I first met the Primate when she was a still a Mother of her Church. It was Tylyra that taught me to read and write during my convolesence and helped me prepare for my trial. She was then assigned to watch over me by during my parole to ensure that I had truely turned away from my previous life. She was never judgemental about my past. never looking down on me and always treating me with the same respect as she treat all that crossed her path.

During that time, she taught me more than just my letters. She taught me patience and mercy and the difference between Justice and revenge. One thing she never did though was to try and convert me to her church. when I asked her why she told me that she believed the Gods may have a different plan for me and while one day, I may fell a calling to join one of the Churches, I should seek instead my own path of service to Ithron and her people.

It was her guidence and her recommendation that freed me from my Parole, allowed me to advance to master in my guild and allowed me to take my Fathers place as a captain in the Grey Wolves.

Since then I stood with her when we fought against the forces of Victor Stone. I have travelled far with her and never once had she faltered in her lords work, nor in her assumed duty to me.

I will freely admit I wept at her departure. She was my closest friend and confident. However, I know that I have to accept that her duty to me is now done. I must stand and make my own way she makes hers with the Black Choir.

I understand that my loss matters little compared to that of her church. I understand little about the ways of the chruches and her duties when not adventuring. What I do know is that she was proud of her church, and proud to serve you. She did not see herself as the head, but rather as its servant. Her life was dedicated to Her Lord Kharach, and to Ithron. She served all, from the King to the lowliest outcast, without judgement but with kindness and respect.

She will be missed by all

Re: Farewell to Primate of Karach

Posted: 27 Aug 2019, 21:48
by TimmyTheNarwhal
I first met primate Tylyra when I began to adventure as an apprentice. She taught me some of the similarities between Longstor and Karach and was always thankful for her presence when facing the undead.

While she was in Tholon I was myself in Amnor dealing with Krygonites. I wish I could have been there to see her receive this honour but was lucky enough to acquire a Holy Relic of Karach and the lady Crowa. I only wish she was here to guide me as I wield these blades in her honour.

will miss you Primate may Karach guide your soul and welcome you to his halls when you are done fighting forever.