Kirklee a invitation to the faithful

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Mike P BL8
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Kirklee a invitation to the faithful

Post by Mike P BL8 » 03 Sep 2019, 13:57

Good day

Im not a very spiritual man but i would like to ask members of the religous community to come and speak to myself and the gathered adventurers on their faith at kirklee.

They should ideally advise those present on what it means to dedicate their lives to following a god, what their service entails and other important matters of spiritiality.

I will offer 2c donation for each church represented unless i have a unexpected windfall in the meantime.

Silas Greenback

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graham t
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Re: Kirklee a invitation to the faithful

Post by graham t » 03 Sep 2019, 14:39

Barney is probably a better shout than me to speak to you about Longstor, Silas.
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Re: Kirklee a invitation to the faithful

Post by PR Rolbor » 03 Sep 2019, 16:04

Sure Silas, I will try and get to Kirklee soon to aid in this and previde any information I can
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Re: Kirklee a invitation to the faithful

Post by ShaunL » 03 Sep 2019, 18:12

Lowlife not noe weer Kirklee is but it sound a long way.
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Re: Kirklee a invitation to the faithful

Post by knightwarden7 » 06 Sep 2019, 01:18

if no-one more versed in the ways of lord sidhe is able to attend i can travel across silas, kingstown isnt too far a trek
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