Collecting Prayers

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Collecting Prayers

Post by bequietbailey »

If late I find myself compiling what prayers I know in a book for travelling as I journey Ithron, to share and preach the word of the Seven, especially in these trying times.

As a Kharrachian, I know my prayers will lean more toward the Merciful Lord, and I have more prayers to him than others, so I'd like to try collecting prayers to the Seven from adventurers

If any of you have any you're willing to share, I'd love to read them

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Re: Collecting Prayers

Post by Christo »

I'm not normally good at like remembering long speaches. I tend to just do like sermons where I talk about Longstor like a great artist or the turner of the wheel

But I did memorise a couple of blessings from an older priest that initiated me

May the roads rise to meet you
May cold and ill not find you
May the rains fall softly on your fields
Lord Longstor, watch over this .....

May Longstor bless this hunt
Let the forests surrender their bounty
Let our eyes and feet be swift
Let us bask in his glorious domain this day

There was also a hymn I sang I lot as a kid. I ended up making the words up for the verses coz I forgot the real words, but I remember the chorus!

All beasts bright and beautiful
All creatures great and small
All woods wise and wonderful
Lord Longstor made them all!
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Re: Collecting Prayers

Post by 063whii »

I have had unfortunate cause to call upon this prayer of late; I hope it serves you well in your purposes.

Lord Sidhe in highest Elysium;
Blessed be thy name.
I pray thou art with me
In each aspect of my being.

I pray that thou guide my sword,
That it may be turned in battle to your will, o lord.

I pray that thou guide my eyes,
That the liar may be overturned in my gaze, o lord.

I pray that thou guide my spirit,
That my soul be turned from petty greed, o lord.

I pray that thou guide my visage,
That it may reflect naught but Justice's cause, o lord.

I pray that thou guide my conscience,
And extract from me all cause to pain others, o lord.

I pray that thou guide my form,
That this soul-blessed body may serve you aptly, o lord.

Stand with us this day, Lord Sidhe
and repel unto us the vile temptation of darkness.
That we may bloom in your sight
Our holy kingdom under Elysium.
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