Wraith and how to destroy one

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Wraith and how to destroy one

Post by Marcelious »

How does one destroy a wraith. Apart from a necromancer spell that I've observed destroys undead. Are there other methods to destroying these creature? As to my knowledge weapons and holy water don't work due to there incorporeal nature

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Re: Wraith and how to destroy one

Post by lept »

You could try dismissing them
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Re: Wraith and how to destroy one

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Sir Soulsender,

I believe Kharachians are also able to perform a miracle with similar effect as the Necromancer spell as well.

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Re: Wraith and how to destroy one

Post by greydelton »

Esteemed liege knight im publishing a book that will go into more detail on many undead entites but for now allow me to enlighten you on the main methods by which a wraith can be handled.

1st:a necromatic incantation or religious miracle of destroy major will destroy the creature utterly
2nd: 4 chantings of religous dissmissal will banish the creature , howerver a particular tenacious wriath may return the next day at dawn
3rd:if the physical remains of the creature can be located and a ritua of lay to rest performed its soul may be sent on
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