Vleyborian Visions

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Re: Vleyborian Visions

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And by the Seven, I will stand by you, blade in hand, to combat Morotis and his threats against our plane!
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Re: Vleyborian Visions

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Reaver91 wrote: 07 May 2022, 22:57 Chaplain, as someone who witnessed Hugs bravery and determination first hand this past week, I respectfully request you treat them with due respect.

Hug was instrumental in taking down Thiel at the Spring Moot, and they gained the respect of many, many adventurers.

Seven blessings,
You speak to me as if I wasn't there. As if I do not have eyes in head. My issue with Hug, is the making of demands. That they demand that the faithful share their visions gifted by their Gods, when they themselves are not of faith. The fact that they are a Goblin is a passing irritation.

Defender. I offer my apologies, to your daughter and yourself. It is hard to break the cycle of mistrust. Hug. You were instrumental in getting us through the tunnels this previous weekend. As such, my own vision is on its way to you, should you have any questions or wish to clarify anything please feel free to either send a pigeon or find me in the shrines of Dunlirron.
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Re: Vleyborian Visions

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Thank you Mack
Father Militant Kenneth McKormick
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