Champion of the Festival of Summers Dance

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Champion of the Festival of Summers Dance

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Hi Everyone.

Sunday was the Festival of the Summers Dance, a holy day were we celebrate the coming of summer the coming of long days of light filled with happiness, joy and freedom. Tralda filled my tippy toes with energy and I bearly stood still all day.

Despite my enthusiasm it was the skill of Faith Whitehaven that won the day she is the dance off champion of the Festival, throwing down some sick moves.

Thank you all who celebrated the Festival, everywhere you where, in all your own ways, Tralda beams down on us the the happiness of the day with a smile so wide.

Dark days come and go but the light always comes back to banish them.

High Father Hugh
Always Her servant
Traldan Priest
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Before 4/5/19 Primate Korrin Hawke
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